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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say I was absolutely floored when Andrew from Love is Blind came out with the phrase transcendental sex. I didn’t know if I should get a dictionary and ride this erotic wave to its climax. 

Yet, it got me thinking. What the hell is Transcendental Sex? And is it as sexy as his deep after hours radio voice makes it out to be? 

What is Transcendental Sex? 

Photo by Jasmine Carter at Pexels

Imagine leaving your normal sense of time, space, or self during intercourse and entering a different state. A trip back in time to a prior existence, an expansion of consciousness, or feeling more fully embodied could all be symptoms of that alternate state. I’m not talking about a good acid trip. 

No.  I’m referring to a natural drug that your body releases due to sex.  

Think about the best sex you have ever had. The one where your toes curl, each breath shatters you, and your whole body tensed before exploding into a cosmic release of ultimate pleasure. Most only get a glimpse of that orgasmic experience. But let’s stay on you. Your best orgasm. Remember it. Think about how you felt whether it was with a partner or your preferred vibrator. Now picture that feeling being more intense and magnified past the imaginable. 

These lovely sensations come from transcendental sex. 

Why do it? 

You can deepen your understanding of yourself, another person, and the cosmos through sensuality and sexuality. Your sexuality is a gift that you may give, and sex may also be a gift that you receive on multiple levels.  

Some people in this trance of ultimate cuming have entered a different spiritual plain, such as: 

  • Re-living past lives 
  • Seeing visions 
  • Communicating or being possessed by spirits and/or religious dieties (sometimes speaking in tongues) 
  • Experiencing waves of energy, light and heat 

Although having an orgasmic experience is undoubtedly amazing, transcendent sex heightens those feelings and degrees of energetic consciousness. One of the main advantages about this sexual phenomena is that climax is not necessary because transcending sex is a far more intense experience. Some could experience it by just holding hands. 

If that isn’t enough to get you to interested in trying transcendental sex, I don’t know what sex you are having that can triumph this. But please share in the comments so we can all have a happy sex day. 

Photo by Helena Lopes at Pexels.

How to have transcendental sex? 

Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil is a book by Dr. Jenny Wade that details her research into transcendental sex experiences. She emphasizes that these transcendent sexual experiences have very little to do with sexual mechanics or techniques, if anything at all. Unfortunately, there isn’t any amount of Pilate training or instructions to put your partner’s leg in a certain position to get this high-level sexual experience. 

There is no direct instruction manual for this ride. There is only advice on how to reach this sexual euphoria. It may take several attempts to reach it. Like anything practice makes perfect, but I have a feeling that this type of homework assignment will be enjoyable to redo repeatedly. 

To experience transcendental sex, you must be entirely at peace with both yourself and your lover. 

This isn’t a one-night stand, wham bam, ghost you in the morning type of sex. No judgement if that is your bag. But for this ultimate sexual high, you need a connection deeper than exchanging fluids and names. 

Photo by Anna Shvets at Pexels

You need to be truly connected on a deep level. It must be three-dimensional, involving both emotional as well as physical attraction. You also need to experience a profound sense of acceptance in order to transcend. This implies that you totally embrace, value, and respect every aspect of both yourself and one another. 

If you opt for a sex toy to replace your partner, then your tender love and care must go further to the deepest of self-love and self-value. Loving thee self mentally, emotionally and physically. 

To engage in transcendental sex, you have to live in the present and stop from analyzing (or over analyzing) the act itself. You shouldn’t be preoccupied with thoughts about what you must do tomorrow, how your body appears, how you sound during an orgasm, or how long you’ll endure. This will prevent you from fully accepting the physical intimate pleasures and you won’t be able to concentrate on your connection between you and your partner. 

What is Left to Say?

Photo by Andres Ayrton at Pexels

Transcendent sex is not just experiencing an original low-key orgasm. It is an altered condition that has to do with individuals experiencing a shift in time or noticing things that other individuals in the space would not notice. A high level of arouse on a connected plain. Wow, that’s hot! 

Still curious or not convince this is for you? Check out Dr. Wade’s book if you’re interested in learning more about transcendent sex. Happy sex exploring!

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