Could You Be a Writer? 10 Ways to Know If You Are a Writer.

writingPeople have dreams of being a firefighter, a famous actor or singer. They imagine the enjoyment of being excited to work every day, instead of slumping out of bed to do a job they have no interest in. A job that pays the bills. Not everyone gets their dream job. Not everyone knows what they are meant to do in life or what really makes them happy to go to work. One way to find out is by exploring your habits and interests. Could you be a writer?
The questions below explore the possibility of this field of creativity. Your personal answers will reveal if this is the right path for you.

1. Do you have a notepad or some paper and pen next to your bed stand?
If you have these items resting by your bed, you are a person who has ideas that you must jot down in the middle of the night, before bed, and when you wake up. You can’t let those ideas go. You may use them for a future story or use them to help improve the novel you are working on now. Either way, that pad by your bed is a clear sign that you are a writer.
2. Do you imagine alternative endings to books, TV shows, or films?
After you read a book, watch TV or come from the cinema, your mind plays around with better ideas to end a storyline that you had been somewhat enjoying until the middle or end of it. You think that could have been so much better if they had done this instead. Writers think of how to revise a story.
3. Have you ever read a book and thought you could do better?
In an eBook enterprise of self-publishing that has exploded in the past decade, readers will come across some crappy novels. (I hope I’m not in that category.) These books will lack substance, have predictable outcomes, and cheesy dialogue. Basically, a step below watching a made for TV movie from Hallmark. If you have been exposed to such horrendous writing, you may want to write something to show up other authors.
4. Are you thinking about a book idea?
Everyone has a unique story that springs from their own individual experiences. Novels are a manifestation of what has happened mixed with what could have happened. You could have an idea for a book that with time and patience can turn into a great novel.
5. In passing moments, do you think about how to work out a storyline or scene?
Whether you are stuck in traffic or having a cigarette outside on your porch, if you find yourself imagining what your character will do to carry into the next plot point or how the story can turn into a book, then you must be a writer.
6. Do you write down interesting names and research baby naming websites when you are not expecting a little one?
You’re not having a baby but you are looking up meanings of names. Nicknames and popularity rank of names that you find interesting are playing across your mind. You watch the opening credits of a show and think “Wow that person has a good last name”. Some writers have trouble thinking up the right name for their characters. What name will be suitable to portray the awesomeness of this person that had been plaguing their thoughts? Authors use search engines to spark this inspiration for that name their readers will remember forever.
7. Do you daydream about characters?
When you have an idea of a person, you think of how they would respond to a certain comment. Wonder how they would act in normal or abnormal situations. How they would dress and gesture. Their background. The way they enter a room. These and many other scenarios authors find themselves creating in the cervices of their imaginations.
8. Do ideas come to you when you are people watching?
Say you are sitting on a park bench or in line for the cashier at a store. Look around you. People are interacting. They give the quiet observe plenty of ammunition to use in a story. Lots of times writers will find themselves eavesdropping into a public conversation and thinking “I could use that in my book”.
9. Are you the storyteller in your group of friends or in your family?
During the course of a week or a day, one might find that they are spinning a tale about a person or a fictional event to entertain loved ones. Maybe your lover asks you to tell them a naughty story during pillow talk. Talking about a world/scene where people escape into has become your talent. Use that to begin writing.
10. Do you not remember conversations your partner has said about change of plans for that day or week?
Maybe you missed what was said about an appointment, an asked favor or some assigned responsible. Lately, a few times in the week my husband claims he told me that I’m dropping of kids because he has an appointment or my daughter has to have a certain item that day for school , etc. And I have no reconciliation of this conversation. Nothing rings a bell. All because as he was talking while my mind was occupied by a story. When the story becomes an obsession you might need to write.
So, could you be a writer? If you answered yes for most of these questions, you are on your way to being a potential writer. Don’t quit your job. Explore your talent in this. Jot down some notes. Try writing out a plot. Write a novel. Get someone to read it. Then, revise and edit the crap out of it. Check out my earlier blog, Turn Your Story Ideas into a Novelfor help.
If you answered no, to most of these. Then you know writing may not be for you. Explore something else. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? How can you make it a career out of it?

Leave a comment about your own ideas of what makes a writer.
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How to Write a Review in 5 Minutes

adult-books-business-374016Reviews are important. Most people read reviews to help influence their decision. Should I buy this type of iPad or stay in this hotel? How have others felt about this movie or restaurant? Is this product of entertainment worth spending my hard earn money on? Seeing others’ viewpoints towards the desired item can weigh in on a purchasing decision.  

Think about how many times you have asked a friend or family member, if you looked good in a particular outfit you were trying on before buying it. Or when you look at printer features from 10 different printers, how do you decide which is best for you? From other people’s opinions, right?  In fact, that’s what a review is: someone’s opinion.  

Yet, how do we write a review? For some, it comes easy. I liked it or I didn’t like it and here are the reasons why. Simple, isn’t it? Some people still don’t feel confident in doing this. To help, below I have created a guide to make writing a review even simpler: 

Firstly, the essential parts of a good review are that it should: 

-have a short title; 

-a introduction telling the readers what you are reviewing; 

-a relaxed, friendly style; 

-a new paragraph for each point you make; 

-both positive and negative opinions; 

-reasons or examples to help explain these opinions; 

-and a recommendation in your conclusion. 


Well, how do I express these points? Here are some sentence starters to help get you to start writing that review: (Use them or tweak them to suit your style of writing.) 

1st Paragraph -INTRODUCTION: 

I had been waiting ages to (see/read/visit…pick your verb) (Name of what you are reviewing) and when I got the opportunity it gave me a lot to consider for this review, both good and bad! 

2nd Paragraph- SUMMARY  

(What is it about? Who is in it? Or what does it do? Or what did you see there?) 

The story was based on…. 

The film relates the story of… 

The book is about… 

The main theme…. 

There are many memorable characters including…. 

The place has… 

The restaurant serves..   

3rd Paragraph- YOUR OPINION 


The thing I really enjoyed/preferred most was… 

I was pleasantly surprised by… 

What pleased me above all….. 



What I disliked most was…. 

I was really disappointed by/with…. 

What I found hard to believe…. 


4th Paragraph- RECOMMENDATIONS  

I would/would not recommend this… everyone/anyone, even… 

Although I  am not a fan of……, I suggest that you (pick a verb) it. 

If I had to (pick a verb) this…(Name of thing you are reviewing)..again, I  definitely say that it would be a waste of time/worth it.  


And you’re done! You can use these sentence starters to help you get into the flow of writing a few reviews. The format will come like second nature. Soon you will be using your own words to type out your opinions of products and/or entertainment. 

Don’t take your opinions for granted. People care about your perspective and if you style it right, they will listen to it. 

For examples of reviews I have written, go check out my blogs: Black Love Review and Why Supporting Other Writers’ Novels Can Be Extremely Useful. 

You can also look to any webpage that sells products. Get familiar with other people’s reviews, then write your own. 

Happy writing. 


Do you read other reviews how do they help you make a decision? Have you written reviews before? What do you like to review? Leave your answers in the comment section below.