asphalt-bitumen-empty-road-1197095Road Trip

Hannah’s head pounded. Her eyes painfully strained. Every time she opened them a rancid taste rose to the edge of her throat. It threatened to release that morning’s slice of toast. The only thing she was able to consume before their early morning start.

She turned to look at her husband driving in angry concentration. His handsome face made her feel better. A soft smile sprung to her lips.

Hannah placed a hand on his inner thigh. She lightly massaged the tip of his hanging cock. He forcefully pushed her hand away in disgust.
Clearly, he was still upset from last night, Hannah thought. She had drunkenly passed out while his tongue was servicing her lower waist. Well, he can’t stay mad at me forever.
She took her breast out of the top of her tank top and started sucking on her nipple. Then she lifted her leg on to the dashboard. Her fingers worked her clit as she provocatively stared over at her silent husband.

Soon, his concentration wavered as he threw looks of horny intent towards his vulgar, sexy wife.

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