Office Romance

Episode I

This isn’t a good idea, Alexis Washington heard in the back of her mind for the third time.

She nervously rotated her wedding ring a few times around her finger. Realizing what she was bringing attention to at this inopportune moment, she quickly stopped. Then, she smoothed back her black, curly hair that was tied back in a tight bun.

“Would you like some more wine?” Cameron Dalton asked.

Alexis looked up at him uneasily from where they sat on the grey couch. Cameron was an acquaintance at work. They worked in different areas of their Nicbi Advertisement Agency’s Bay Area branch. Occasionally, they’d bump into each other in the elevator or down by the snack machines that were passed the downstairs lobby.

He was a handsome brunette who was flirty and full of jokes that always made Alexis’s day.  Lately their chance encounters had been more frequent. Now, every day Alexis eagerly looked around their office building to have a “happened” chance to bump into him. It was as if they sought each other out for their own work break amusements.

Before Alexis could answer his previous question, Cameron raised a bottle of red wine off the oak living room table. And he poured Alexis a heavy glass.

“No, that’s too much,” Alexis said when he had filled the large wine glass halfway.

“Come on, get it down ya throat,” Cameron baritone voice boomed in pretended authority.

His hazel eyes sparked with merriment and mischief. Alexis smiled at his handsome tan face. They sat on the grey couch of his brother’s apartment. The only place they could go to be alone since Cameron’s brother was out of town on business. It made whatever they had planned to do be less sleazy than going to a hotel room to sneak around.

More thoughtful than what Alexis husband, Anthony, had done. That morning Alexis had come home during her lunch hour to surprise her husband with a birthday quickie. He was between jobs right now and was feeling kind of low. Alexis felt the strain in their relationship and wanted to spice things up to get them back on track. Unfortunately, when she walked into their bathroom, Alexis had seen a young, skinny Asian girl on her knees.

She was taking in Alexis’ husband’s fullness in her mouth as they shared the shower. Alexis watched in shocked silence as the water dripped down their bodies behind the glass door.

Alexis licked her full lips before taking a long sip of wine to forget about her cowardliness for running away without doing anything. She drank back the humiliation of returning to work. The pungent taste of berries and cedar helped push away her nervousness towards getting back at her husband.

“Maybe, we shouldn’t…,” Alexis said.

Cameron shook his head. “No, it’s okay.”

“But….,” she started to list her worries about ruining their marriages to other people.

“Shhhh,” he said. “We’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” After a long silence, he added, “I think I’ve almost healed from your attack on me the other day.”

They both looked down at his ripping forearm. Alexis couldn’t help slowly glancing up his arm to where his bugling bicep stretched around his rolled up white shirt sleeve. She remembered how good they felt around her every time he moved in to give her a hug hello, a hug for boosting up her mood, a hug to share in a joke, and a hug to say goodbye.

Alexis wondered if they hugged too much. She fought the temptation of placing her hand on his cut arm and quickly looked back to the injury he was talking about, which was nearly invisible to the casual eye.

“I barely scratch you with that card,” Alexis said.

Pointing at the minuscule red line on the side of his forearm, Cameron added, “That paper you sliced on my arm really hurt.”

“It was an accident,” Alexis defended herself. That afternoon she was so distracted by her husband’s betrayal that she hadn’t noticed Cameron calling her name when she was in the copier room. Alexis didn’t know how long she had been standing in front of the copier with her copy identification card hovering over the machine. She had turned in surprise when Cameron had touched her shoulder in the process her card had roughly scraped across his arm.

At the time, he had seemed more concern with her defeated face than his injury. Cameron had quickly closed the copier door. Then he had pulled Alexis into a comforting embrace. Alexis still remembered the smell of a faint vanilla in his cologne as she had breathed in shallow breaths between sobs.

She placed her glass back on the oak living room table.      “Big baby,” she muttered after a long sip of wine.

“Whoo, I like it when you call me baby,” Cameron smiled.

He playfully moved closer to her and slipped his hand on her back. He soothingly rubbed it up and down like he did at work when they had a chance to have a long talk.

“You do, huh?” Alexis flirted back. She was easily falling into their flirty work routine.

“Well, I prefer papa, but baby will do for now,” he winked.

Alexis pulled back her head and let out a big laugh. Cameron always made her laugh with his terrible come on lines and pretend pimp expressions.

“They wrote a song about it. You wanna hear it?” he asked.

“Don’t start rappin’ Biggie Smalls, please,” she said. “My ears couldn’t take it.”

“Well, there is one way to shut me up,” his voice went lower.

Alexis’s dark brown eyes looked up at his face, surprised and aroused by the huskiness in his words. Cameron’s face came close to hers. She matched his breathing as her head leaned into him. His soft lips pressed onto her plump ones. His tongue slowly entered Alexis mouth, sliding along her timid tongue.

The electricity from his thick lips caused Cameron body to response. She kissed him back with a fire in her belly. Her hands wrapped around his neck as his strong arms lifted her smoothly on to his lap.

Cameron sat on top of him with her knees on both side of his hips. His kisses became more forceful as his tongue moved inside her mouth. He sucked and licked at the right moments. He was a better kisser than her husband. Alexis hadn’t remembered a time when she had been kissed this well.

Before she knew it, Alexis had removed her dark blue blouse and white bra. His hands squeezed together her wide, round breast. Then, he tore his mouth away and trailed kisses down her chest. Alexis let out a moan when he placed one of her Hersey kiss nipples into his mouth. Alexis pressed her back into him with his other hand as he sucked and swirled his tongue around.

A long, hard girth formed in Cameron’s pants. Alexis instinctively bucked her hips back and forth, riding on top of his cock that pleased the moist warmth growing in her crotch. Spikes of ecstasy shot from Alexis’s breasts down to her pussy lips as she moved harder and faster on Cameron’s crotch.

“Take this shit off,” Cameron ordered in a gruff whisper.

Alexis immediately obeyed. She slid over to her left side and began unbuckling her slim blue belt and silver slacks. Cameron hurriedly kicked off his black shoes while he unbuttoned his white shirt.

Alexis stood up to take off her white lace panties. Her body stilled as she watched Cameron peel off his white shirt and black trousers. A wall of tan defined muscles curved around his form like he had just stepped off a billboard advertising a gym membership.

Alexis felt a bit self-conscious about her chubby figure. She looked down at her dark chocolate, thick thighs and her small, round stomach. She looked closer to promoting an ad for Lane Bryant rather than for Victoria Secret’s.

Second guessing his attraction to her, Alexis felt inadequate and ugly. She had met Cameron’s wife at the company Christmas party last year. She was a slim, tall blond with amazing big blue eyes and a great smile. A complete opposite to Alexis.

            Why would Cameron who was so hot and had an equally hot wife want anything to do with me? she sadly thought.

Cameron answered her question by grabbing her hand and yanking her voluptuous body on to his lap again. This time she fell sideways on to him. Cameron leaned her down on to her back and scrambled between her legs.

“You smell incredible,” he mumbled into her neck and chest as he kissed her.

All Alexis insecurities vanished when his lips claimed hers again.  Cameron lifted one of her thighs on to his hip. He reached around it and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her clit. Alexis scratched up and down his back. Her breasts swelled as her pussy dripped.

Soon, Cameron shoved his fullness inside her. Alexis stilled from the long, thick surprise that opened her up more.

“Oh, you’re so tight and wet,” Cameron whispered into her throat as he moved long, slow strokes inside her.

Alexis nibbled on his earlobe. A long groaned escaped her lips as she got used to his girth and size hitting at her g-spot. Cameron got on his knees and lifted her wide hips towards him. His large hands pulled her hips up and down as he crashed into her.

Alexis’s moans grew louder and longer as he went faster. A ball of fire churned at the bottom of her belly. She was close. Then, Cameron slowed down.

“No, not yet, sweetie,” he said.

He pulled almost completely out of her vagina. Just his tip remained. He teased her with it by circling it around the outer rim of her pussy. Then occasionally dipping it in deep, but not all the way.

“Oh, god!!!” Alexis squealed in tortured pleasure. It felt good but she was frustrated by being at the tip of being sexually satisfied. Half of her wanted it to go on forever while the other half wanted Cameron to ram her home.

Right when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore,          Cameron sped up his tempo as he inched deeper into her. Then in one long strive he plunge inside. Alexis felt his balls slap the tender crevices between her asshole and her pussy. Thrills of pleasure rippled through her as he fucked her balls deep, targeting on her sweet spot. Alexis let out a yell every time he hit her sexually tender area.

Without warning, Cameron yelled out as her vagina walls spasm tightly around Cameron’s dick.

“That’s it, sweetie,” he cheered as she shook.

He placed her hips down and leaned over her. Cameron kissed her long and deep while his hips grinded into Alexis. After she rocked into a second wave of orgasms, he pumped hot cum deep inside her wetness.

Cameron slid to the side of her. His warm, rasped breath blew on Alexis’s neck as it slowly returned to normal. Then he collected her in his strong arms and pulled Alexis’s satisfied body on her side. Cameron kissed her forehead while Alexis’s hands swept up and down his back, never wanting to let go.

They laid together like that for a long time in silence, forcing back the thought of having to leave and return to each other’s partners.  The consequences of their affair stayed far in the depths of Alexis’s mind as they enjoyed their moment for a little while longer. As long as they could, they remained in each other’s loving embrace, pretending they only belonged to each other.



To be continued…







Was this a one-time thing? How will Alexis and Cameron be able to work together after sharing this mind-blowing sexual experience? Will Alexis confront her husband? And how will it happen? Moreover, what’s going on with Cameron? How is his marriage affected by this? Why did he agree to having an office affair?


Watch out for Episode II to find out what happens next.


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