Luke sat squirming in his chair as he watched the bare back of the heroine being kissed
by her French lover. He stole an uncomfortable look towards his best friend’s attractive
girlfriend. Please don’t get hard while sitting next to Robin, he silently begged his
Robin stayed fixed on the screen, engrossed in the sex scene on it. She seemed unaware
of the embarrassing turmoil going on in Luke’s jeans. He ran a nervous hand through
his brown, buzz cut hair.

Damn Kamal for flaking on this date with Robin, he thought. Luke was supposed to
share a quick bite with Kamal and Robin before they went off to the movies. And then,
Luke was going to meet up with Rachel. He had dropped Rachel real quick to get a
moment alone with Robin but that was besides the point.

Kamal’s milk chocolate face had been staring down at his phone during most of
dinner. He had been acting shady all through the meal. He had kept checking his
phone. He would rush off anytime it rang.

I know his ass is cheating, Luke thought angrily.

Kamal had been with Robin for almost two years now. That was usually around the
time he got antsy and was ready to cut a girl loose. The signs of his boredom with
Robin were all there. He had barely looked at her. Kamal had acted like he rather be
somewhere else other than with her. He had been ignoring Robin all night.

A woman as dark and fine as her should be worshiped, not treated like an arm piece.

When Robin had went to the restroom, Luke had confronted his friend.

“What is wrong with you? Who do you keep texting?” Luke asked.

Kamal texted a response while he said, “No one.” Then he continued his text.

“No one!?!” Luke repeated, annoyed at being brushed off like a nosey, small child.

“Who you fucking, nigga?”

Kamal looked up in surprise before saying sarcastically, “Don’t get jealous, sweetheart.
You know you’re the only man for me.”

He blew kisses at Luke and finally put down his phone. Kamal playfully moved his seat
next to his boy and squeezed his chubby cheeks. “You’re the only one I want to cuddle

“Stop,” Luke moved out of his reach. ” Stop playin, nigga. ”

Kamal grabbed his drink. The guzzling, slurping sound of air and liquid announced
that his coke was finished. He looked passed the counter near the restrooms. Satisfied
the coast was clear, he turned to Luke and said, “I need a favor. ”

Luke shook his head “no” .

“You haven’t heard what it is yet, nigga!” Kamal shouted offended. ” Don’t be shaking
your head no and shit. You suppose to have my back and shit. How many times have I
saved your white boy ass through the years? Remember DeMarcus Jackson. ”

“Yeah, nigga.”

“That nigga would have fucked you up in fifth grade if I hadn’t punked him for you. ”

“I know you remind me all the time about him.”

“So that you don’t forget how down I am.” Kamal wrapped and arm around Luke’s
shoulder and added “You my muthafucker. I love you, nigga.”

Kamal had succeeded in making Luke feel guilty for a 12 year old debt.

“What you need, muthafucker? ” Luke asked in defeat.

Kamal’s brown lips smiled in triumph. “I need you to take Robin out to the movies. ”


” Yeah, I got shit to take care of, ” Kamal checked out his phone again.

“Like who?” Luke asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Just take care of my girl while I’m gone, big mouth.”

“I don’t say shit,” Luke said.

“Whatever, ” Kamal rolled his hazel eyes. “You couldn’t keep a secret if I paid you.
Remember when you told everyone about Tanisha’s boob job mix up.”

“That wasn’t a big secret, ” Luke waved his hand in the air. “Besides, people wouldof
found out just by looking at those big ole crooked tits.”

“Anyway, you got a big mouth, ” Kamal said as he stood up. “Be sure to take Robin to
her favorite ice cream shop after the movie. ”

“You’re her man. Shouldn’t you be doing that? ”

“And that’s why its a favor, nigga!” Kamal said. ” I gotta go. Tell her I’ll call her later. ”

“Wait, Kamal, you’re not gonna tell her goodbye,” Luke called after him. Kamal
continued to walk out the restaurant without looking back. “Nigga!?! ”

Luke turned back towards the restrooms. His anxiety and worry vanished at the sight
of Robin. Silky black bangs swept across her smooth forehead as the rest bobbed above
her shoulders. Her breast popped just above the cream tube top with long hanging, lacy
fabric that stopped just below her short jean shorts. Luke swelled up in pride as men
admired her long dark chocolate legs as she walked by. His heart raced when she sat
down and beamed a wide, white smile.

“Where’s Kamal?” she asked.

Her question brought Luke back into reality. Regrettably, he remembered that Robin
wasn’t his and he had to make her sad with the knowledge of his best friend’s absence.
Even now as he sat next to her watching this sexy suspense drama, Luke heart broke as
he pictured her look of hurt and disappointment she had given from Kamal’s
mysterious ditching and hand off.

Just like at Keisha Allen’s sweet sixteenth party, Luke thought. Kamal had planned to
break it off but instead talked Luke into spitting game her way and getting her too
drunk to notice that Luke was dick deep in her snatch while Kamal had left the party
with Kelly Gardner. He was always giving me his leftovers, Luke silently complained.

He stole another glance at Robin as the heroine moaned loudly while the French man
pounded into her from behind in a stairwell. Luke grew excited thinking about bending
Robin’s fine ass over in the stairway of the movie theatre. He saw her thick lips
widening in an pleasurable moan. He wondered how her big breast would feel in his

Suddenly Robin turned to Luke. She softly nibbled on her lowered lips. Luke barely
heard her ask her question. He was so turned on by that innocent gesture.

“What?!?” he asked.

Robin leaned over to say it in his ear. Her wide breast laid flat on his arm. Luke tried to
concentrate pass the warmth of her ample tit on his arm and her intoxicating scent of

“I said did you enjoy the movie?”

Luke could only nod. He desperately fought back the image of sucking on her lower lip
before shoving his tongue into her mouth. He wanted to taste her sweetness. His
tongue twisting around her satin tongue.

No, that’s your boy’s girl, he thought. You can’t betray him like that! He did say to
take care of her, though.

She winked at him. Her breast lingered on his arm before she pulled back and gave his
hand a soft squeeze.

Does she wanna get down? he thought.

She smiled back at him again.
Hell yeah, she wants it. Look at those fuck me eyes. Fuck that nigga, Kamal. This girl
is too fine for him to not be worried about. Maybe she needs some Luke loving.

Luke placed a hand on her inner thigh and squeezed.

Abruptly Robin stood up.

Oh no, he thought. I went too far she is gonna slap the shit out of me. Luke prepared
for the justifiable beat down.

“Let’s go,” Robin said.

Confused, Luke looked around. The screen was dark with credits rolling up. People
were exiting the nearly empty theatre.

“It’s over already?” Luke asked.

“Thanks for coming to watch the movie with me,” Robin said as they walked around
the corner towards her favorite ice cream shop.

“No problem, ” Luke said. ” I enjoyed some of it. ”

“Yeah, I bet I can guess which parts,” she smiled over to him devilishly.

Luke grinned shyly.

“Some of those sex scenes were good,” she admitted.

Robin stopped moving. Luke turned to her in surprise. She stepped closer to him. He
was only a couple inches taller than her average height of 5′ 6″.

Luke focused on her partly opened red, plump lips. His ears burned and blood rushed
down to his crotch.

Then, she said, “You know the restroom scene was pretty hot. I could imagine doing
that. What about you?”

“All of them. ” he said. “I could do all of them.”

He playfully grabbed Robin and tried to place her in awkward sex positions. He kept
space between them while he pretended to air hump her.

Robin laughed.

“I’m serious if anyone gave me a chance, we would be fucking in every restroom stall,
car, bus bench. I would bone in that theatre back there. For real, girl.”

Robin laughed harder. He loved hearing that sound.

“I’m sure girls give you plenty of chances. A cutie like you,” she said through sexy,
thick eyelashes.

” You think I’m cute? ” he asked surprised.

“Of course, that night at the club when we first met, I was interested in you. But Kamal
said you were jocking another girl.”

That sonofabitch, he mentally cursed his best friend.

“That’s funny cuz I was feeling you that night, too,” Luke said.

His eyes searched hers. Two brown eyes glittered with shy attraction before fading into

She quickly looked down and said, “Too bad. But…what about now?”

“What do you mean? ”

“Are you still feeling me now?” She held her breath as her eyes gently scanned his tan

With both of his large hands, Luke grabbed her thick ass and pushed her against his
chubby form. His rosy lips smashed down to suck on her lower pouty lips. His now
hard dick gently pulsated against her waist and lower belly. Luke’s tongue darted into
Robin’s mouth. He squeezed her ass harder as she excitedly sucked on his tongue.
Luke wasn’t worried about his boy.

He had been waiting two years to feel this pleasure. Two years of admiring her from afar. Two years of touching himself while thinking about Robin’s tender hot spot. Robin had been his fantasy woman come to life ever since Kamal took her home that night after the club. Now he was finally enjoying her.

While Robin kissed him back with equal amount of passion, his heart grew big at
finally having his prize.

Minutes later, “Happy Engagement!” was shouted from a chorus of people when Luke
and Robin entered the ice cream shop.

Kamal kneeled down on one knee. An open black box that held a fat diamond ring was
in one hand as he beamed a huge, bright smile. Robin and Kamal’s family and friends
stood around anticipating her obvious answer.

“Marry me,” Kamal said in a voice full of raw emotion.

A lump caught in Luke’s throat as a weight hung on his heart.

Robin looked from Kamal to Luke in indecision.