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I love to travel and adding romance makes it better.  I hope you enjoy getting to know my characters and their stories through my novels and/or free reads. Explore some tips in my blog posts. I write about writing, books, travel experiences, and more. Make comments, or just start a friendly discussion. Also, be sure to join my Readers Group for an exclusive access to updates and freebies!


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black widow discovery




Short erotic stories

for hitting that sweet spot.


Latest Releases:




She will be satisfied.

The office slut is finding her sexuality isn’t giving her the privileges she has been used to. What is a working woman to do when she can no longer rely on her looks and what lies between her legs?

Cindy Gallagher is the right one to figure it out.







Dirty little secrets bring out the naughty.

Doris- Episode III & IV:

Tall and big, Doris Mahoney has never had any luck in romance. Despite this, she was determined to unwrap her long time crush this holiday.

As Doris realizes her HEA plans aren’t living up to what she had imagine, she stubbles into the knowledge of other coworkers’ desires and secrets. Soon, this taboo information leads her down a path of unexpected temptation.





Passion. Heartbreak. Secrets. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Pride. And of course, SEX!

Welcome to the world of Office Romance where work relationships become blurred, taboo is the norm,
and the workplace becomes more serious than just somewhere to earn a paycheck. Follow the
intertwined lives of co-workers at an advertisement agency as they deal with the drama crashing around

Alexis- Episode I & II

Alexis Washington just found out her husband is cheating on her. A multitude of emotions are crashing in on her. Too many to process. But when a sexy friend and coworker offers himself to her. She is hesitant to run into his bed.

Can she turn away from 10 years of marriage for one night of revenge sex? Or will it be too much for Alexis to exchange her buddy relationship for a hot one night stand? Can breaking up one flirty friendship really save broken vows?



The holidays bring out the lover in a friend.
Grace Cole is an American living alone in England. Far from home and without family, she is dreading the upcoming Christmas holiday. Until her best friend, Jack McNeill, comes to bring her some Christmas spirit.

During their foreigners’ holiday abroad, Jack helps Grace find the joy in Christmas with a bit of laughter and sexual cheer.

Soon Grace’s guarded heart is plagued with losing a dear friend while enjoying a damn good, but temporary, lover. As their Christmas time comes to a close, she turns distant as she is left worrying about how this “friends with benefits” relationship will reach its final point. Then, when the hot neighbor next door proves to be competition for Jack’s heart, Grace realizes how much her holiday fling really means more than just sex. Grace’s newfound love for Jack becomes a Christmas box she isn’t willing to pack back up.

Can she swallow her pride and fear to fight for her own happily ever after? Or will the hot spark that saved Grace’s Christmas fade out and ruin her New Year?




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