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Short erotic stories

for hitting that sweet spot.

Passion. Heartbreak. Secrets. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Pride. And of course, SEX!

Welcome to the world of Office Romance where work relationships become blurred, taboo is the norm,
and the workplace becomes more serious than just somewhere to earn a paycheck. Follow the
intertwined lives of co-workers at an advertisement agency as they deal with the drama crashing around

OR bk Imogen

Imogen, Episodes XV & XVI

Imogen has always been the free-spirited barista of Nicbi Advertisement building. She reads people like she makes a perfect cup of coffee. And men are allured by her sexuality and sweet nature, but
when she uncovers her current lover’s betrayal, can she still ignore the forward attention of another
overly willing partner?

OR bk Tom

Tom, Episode XIII & XIV

Tom Sheary was content occasionally fooling around with bored, rich wives. He had his garage, his freedom, and his heart protected. That was until he met Cindy Gallagher and became involved in her open relationship.

Now, this red-haired sexy spitfire has him doing things he never thought would be possible, including giving up his heart to her. Yet will the love of his life let Tom be the only one to possess her affectionate interest in and out of the bedroom?




OR bk Max

Max, Episode XI & XII

Max Zhao never thought he would have the chance to be with his long time office crush, Doris Maloney. But after one sexy turn of events ignited at the office Christmas party, Max has been falling deeper in love.

The only thing that could make him happier would be if his long time crush could want him more than just a workplace booty call. How to do that? Get her alone in a place where no one knows them, and they can be themselves.

Being able to convince Doris to go on a couple’s weekend getaway was the simple part. Now, Max would have to spend the next few days trying to woo his addiction into making their sexual interactions into an actual relationship.





or bk Cameron

Cameron, Episode IX & X

Cam is stuck between two women. One he can’t stand. The other wants nothing to do with him. At a loss, he escapes his unhappiness by diving into work until fate sets in. Now, he has another chance to make things right with the one who truly holds his heart.

Will he make the same mistake twice? Will his plans lock him straight into the friend box? Or will he learn from his past faults to keep the woman of his desire in the relationship of his dreams?





Jasmine Lace’s books on Goodreads

Mysterious Desires: Book 1: Only the Beginning
Mysterious Desires: Book 1: Only the Beginning

ratings: 5 (avg rating 3.20)
Hollywood Demands: Book 3: Ready!
Hollywood Demands: Book 3: Ready!

ratings: 3 (avg rating 3.00)
Crumbling Oreo
Crumbling Oreo

ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)

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