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Check back periodically to find new story entires. Enjoy steamy, outrageous clips from the lives of characters that keep rolling around in my head. And if you like these tales, you’ll love reading my novels. Look at the book page to find out about how you can get your own copy.

Office Romance: Episode II office romance

Dated: Dec. 14th 2018

***Mature Content****

Uncovered secrets. Hidden desires. And getting a little for the holidays.

Click to read Office Romance E3

Office Romance: Episode II

Dated: Dec. 2nd 2018

***Mature Content****

Shame. Secrets. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Pride.

Click to read Office Romance E2


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The Halloween Party

The Halloween Party

Dated: Oct. 30th 2018

***Mature Content****

A horror romance for the right occasion. Get freaked out in this new take on romance stories.

Click here to read THE HALLOWEEN PARTY

Office Romance: Episode I office romance

Dated: Oct. 12th 2018

***Mature Content****

Passion. Heartbreak. Secrets. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Pride. And of course, SEX!

Click to read Office Romance E1

Kamal’s Girl

Dated: Aug. 10th 2018

***Mature Content****


A short story about a man’s two year obsession with his best friend’s girlfriend. Will he finally get up the nerve to make a move?

Read in Kamal’s Girl

Road Trip

Dated: Aug. 8th 2018

***Mature Content****asphalt-bitumen-empty-road-1197095.jpg

Road Trip

Hannah’s head pounded. Her eyes painfully strained. Every time she opened them a rancid taste rose to the edge of her throat. It threatened to release that morning’s slice of toast. The only thing she was able to consume before their early morning start.

She turned to look at her husband driving in angry concentration. His handsome face made her feel better. A soft smile sprung to her lips…

Read more

The Cheese Festival

Dated: June 2018

***Mature Content***

cheese festival pic

Zoe Taylor escaped a stoic life in the US to teach English in sunny, romantic Spain. However, the place of her fantasy has turned into a nightmare. Daily battles with language barriers, homesickness, rudely overbearing older ladies and unruly Spanish students has made Zoe rethink her decision to live there.

Until, at a cheese festival, she meets Rodrigo Carvajales. A local whose quick hands skillfully roam over the strings of his guitar, creating music that sings to her soul. Not knowing his language, or much about him, will not stop Zoe from getting better acquainted with this handsome, dark stranger.

Can a love connection form without understanding the words shared between two people?

Download to find out.

***Warning: Contains expicit sexual content. For readers 18 and over.






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