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Fall in Love a Thousand Times

Enjoy off-beat, quirky romances with a twist when you read one of Jasmine Lace’s novels. Travel around to different countries, or see more of the United States, by reading stories from the Love & Travel series. Or, read the other collection of books where you can walk down the dark path of romance heroines who have briefly lost their way (if not, their minds).

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Deadly Procession (Mysterious Desires, Book 3)

Multicultural Paranormal Romance

Thinking that things have finally calmed down at La Casa de Asturias, Chanel Carter can breathe easy and ride out her last weeks at the English language school. But the hidden world of the manor can never be that simple.

Chanel’s uncertainty

of how she had made the Professor turn from her bed gets blurred with her concerns over her best friend’s failing health. All the while, she is experiencing haunting visions of feral animals and a vengeful water sprite. These become only a few of the mind-bending events Chanel has been losing sleep over.

However, she isn’t giving up yet. Grown confident by her past challenges with death and the spiritual world, Chanel is even more determined to find a cure for her friend as well as answers to mysteries of her temporary home.

Her searching leads her down a path of history that makes the hearsay of myths ring true. When she witnesses the truth form of the people she has relied on as close friends, Chanel finds herself a true believer in the impossible.
Soon her eye-opening journey to save her friend becomes one of enlightenment and danger, where the uncovering of this secret world could prove deadly.

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Rest bk2

Sweet Appetite, Enjoy Your Meal, Book 2

AA Romance Erotica

“I did promise to honorLet me start by honoring every inch.”

Jennifer Ross has finally accomplished her dream of getting married. Unfortunately, it is with the wrong groom. Now, all she wants is to be single again. Homeless and out of options, she makes a deal with her new husband: Help him get his restaurant on track and be granted a divorce.

Tyrese Carter has Jennifer right where he wants her. This food critic, who ruined his restaurant’s reputation, thinks they got married in Vegas. Tyrese is determined to let her continue to believe that lie just as long as he can get his business right.

One problem: They can’t keep their hands off each other.

Will their close working environment and extra sexual activity prove to make their deal too dangerous a bargain for their hearts?

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Mysterious Desires bk2

Ghostly Waters (Mysterious Desires, Book 2)

Multicultural Paranormal Romance

“I wasn’t gonna let this dickhead scare me. After all, I was from South Philly. What did a Don from Spain know about being hard? 

I ran up to him. My right hand curled into a fist as I pulled back my elbow.

’Yo, you have to be kidding!’ I yelled after my side punch went through his ribcage like I was fighting a cloud of smoke.

Yet, I was still about 20% hopeful that kicking him in the balls wouldn’t be completely pointless.”



Although not fully convinced she saw what she had seen, Chanel Carter has moved passed her doubts about remaining at the English summer camp in La Casa de Asturias. Of course, this decision was made easier by her flimsy rationalizations of the bizarre events, which took place during her first couple of weeks living there.

Meanwhile, Chanel has started to become weary of Professor Rodrigo Perez’s drama and his abnormal pull on her. Her friend, Marina Alexander, takes midnight outings that are becoming more suspicious as her health deteriorates.  And Chanel witnesses the activity of sinister forces, making her more of a believer.

Then when Chanel’s life is threatened, she worries that she is the next victim of this supernatural phenomenon. Soon she realizes that La Casa de Asturias is more dangerous than she could have ever imagine.

Despite the Professor’s sizzling sex appeal and his contagious flirty nature, Chanel makes it a point to avoid his magical temptations until she is forced to accept his help. Together, can they help save Marina and stop any threat that may be fall Chanel’s new home? Moreover, as they spend more intimate moments solving this mysterious problem, how much longer can Chanel resist the Professor’s charms?




rest1 new

Thank You for Coming! (Enjoy Your Meal-AA Romance)

Dining out has never been hotter! 

Restaurant critic Jennifer Ross is having a bad day. Her boyfriend of 3 years has hinted of a marriage proposal, however, the night she expects him to pop the big question ends in heartbreak and terrible customer service. Shaking off her misery, Jennifer has a girl’s weekend in Vegas where she meets a handsome stranger.

Tyrese Carter is the owner of an Italian restaurant that Jennifer’s review destroyed. Angry and broke he is stuck being best man at his friend’s Vegas wedding. Fortunately, Tyrese’s desires heat up when he meets Jennifer.

Yet, the woman of his fantasies is unknowingly the one responsible for his financial disaster. Can the next change of events lead them to find each of their own happy endings? Or will their chance meeting reveal truths that make their lusty relationship more complicated?



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Only the Beginning (Mysterious Desires, Book 1) 

Multicultural Paranormal Romance

Mysterious Desires bk1

“I don’t believe in scary bedtime stories like the boogeyman!

I’ve always found that there is an explanation for everything. At least until I moved here.

Here, there is something about this place that doesn’t make sense. It has to make sense. I have to know the answer why.”

Chanel Carter moves to Northern Spain to get away from her ex-husband and to earn enough money to start a new life with her young son.

But when she arrives to teach English at a summer camp in La Casa de Asturias, things don’t seem to add up. Nightly sounds of nails scratching the walls, a false image of a dead girl in the fountain, and constant disappearances of strange characters are only a few of the many odd things that have been occurring at this country manor.

Chanel is determined to find a rational explanation for all these peculiar incidents. Can her attraction to the handsome and mysterious Professor Rodrigo Garcia Perez distract her from finding out why things there aren’t what they appear to be?



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THE BLACK WIDOW’S TEMPTATION (BWWM Historical Adventure Romance Book 1)

BW bk 1 2nd

1656. Captain Scarlett, or her more popular alias, the Black Widow, has stumbled across a handsome stranger on an enemy ship. On top of his odd ways and vague explanations of his past whereabouts, the stranger looks similar to Scarlett’s lost love. Plagued by questions and the coincidence that a new man has shown up right when her plans keep getting sabotaged, Scarlett decides to take him aboard her ship to get more answers.  Can Scarlett seduce the truth out of him without confusing her past love with this doppelganger? Or will this potential spy get the better of her?

Trekker, Sebastian Graham never thought that a visit to his big sister’s museum would catapult him into the 17th century at the sharp end of the Black Widow’s blade. Raids, sword fights, powdered wigs, no internet service, and a probable death by small pox makes Sebastian worry that he won´t survive the violent life of piracy. He is desperate to return back to his own time. But he has no idea how to do it. Can he find a way to get back to the modern day without falling for this red haired, caramel skinned beauty, or worse, getting himself killed?


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Hollywood Demands from The BWWM Love & Travel Series


He’s the bad boy of Hollywood. She’s been assigned with the difficult task of taming his beast within. When love gets in the way they are reminded that fame, sex, and success have a price.








 LIGHTS! (Hollywood Demands Book 1)

FAME, SEX, and SUCCESS have its price. 

Chris Foley is the bad boy of Hollywood. Mya Bassett has been assigned with the difficult task of taming his beast within. When love gets in the way, they are reminded that it doesn’t come free.

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ROLL SOUND!  (Hollywood Demands, Book 2) 


Words from Kyle Ross, Mya Bassett’s ex-lover and boss. But Mya is not sure she is prepared to do whatever it takes to win back her position…

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Or you can purchase the complete series: HD box set5

Hollywood Demands was originally published as five separate contemporary romance novellas about an interracial couple who find out that they have a love stronger than any whirlwinds of drama and other distractions. Follow Mya and Chris during their travel romance as their love story unfolds in the romantic destinations of California, Alabama, Hawaii and Australia. This complete collection features all five books plus reading group discussion questions and an excerpt from Jasmine Lace’s contemporary romance, Pura Vida.


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Pura Vida from The Love & Travel Series

Pura Vida new cover.jpg

In a foreign country, without a passport or a grasp of the language, Simone Morris turns to the one person she had planned never to see again.

Parker Ryan can´t get their one amazing night out of his head. He agrees to help her but has a sexy ulterior motive.

Through their hunt around the most picturesque spots of Costa Rica, their individual goals begin to change. 


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Crumbling Oreo

Crumbling Oreo Book Cover

A precession of wild stunts follows as Cecelia Wallace attempts to even out the playground of racial maltreatment. She sways into a blurred line of right and wrong. Soon Cecelia can’t recognize herself.

Can she right the wrongs of hundreds of years of oppression without going too far, or worse, ending up in jail?

A sexy, dark comedy about cultural identity, sexual empowerment and the conflicts of race relations.



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Lost Love



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