It’s time to read some more from Jasmine Lace.

I’m so excited to share with you a new way to experience my stories. I have recently started a story on Amazon Vella. Through this venue, I will be releasing stories weekly!

Check out the latest story today:

Finding Mr. Friday

A tall dark strange offers sexual pleasure with no strings attached! To serial monogamist, Kimani Hudson, this sounds like a player getting his rocks off at the expense of female vulnerability. Of course, she has to find out more about this mysterious man without a first name and expose him for the loser he is. However, through every story she hears about Mr. Friday, her obsession and sexual appetite grow, reminding her of her sexy college days.

Golden Trespass: the Coming of Apanirun

An ancient evil conjures a magical force that threatens Sacramento residents as they hunt down the key being who could lead to their master’s complete resurrection or ultimate annihilation. An unemployed actor and reluctant waitress, Robyn Okonkwo, is sent her mother’s bracelet, a family heirloom that triggers a chaotic adventure of magical catastrophes with mystical creatures and sinister beasts. Soon, Robyn finds herself in a hidden world of African Mythology in midst of everyday life.

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