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My footfalls felt heavier with each step I took on the flight of stairs. Rafa wanted to see my apartment.

I had been swayed to let him up by the way he had kissed me in my apartment doorway. But now, I was dreading the revealing of my stained old period panties.

They had been my fail-safe along with skipping my grooming in that area. The close-shaven stripe had been neglected for a few weeks now. It looked like a spiked lawn surrounded by a thick black curly moss.

Plus, I couldn’t remember if I had stored away my massage rabbit. I had placed it near the bathroom sink to be washed after I had finished with it. Just another one of my tricks to get all the sexual energy out so I wouldn’t have sex on the first three dates.

Did I put it away?

My forehead started to perspire as I imagine the disgusted look on his face as he left my bathroom. I could picture what he would be thinking: First granny panties then a filthy slut that can’t clean up her place. He’d probably be wondering if I even had the decency to rinse my juice off before placing the vibrator near the sink. One of the many disgusting moments he would experience if I let him in my apartment tonight.

His large warm hand gripped my palm as I led him up. When I had reached the top step, I felt his arm grab tight around my waist. He snuggled my back against his chest and nibbled at my earlobe before saying, “I had an excellent view while walking up just then. Can’t wait to see some more.”

I gave a nervous laugh. What are you doing? Period panties, unkempt bush, and possibly a vibrator on display in my bathroom. He can’t come in.

“You smell so good,” he muttered huskily.

I moved away from him as he went to kiss my nape. And I hurriedly grabbed for my keys, fully planning to open the door and quickly shut it on him before he could get a look inside.

I can’t do that. I like this guy. He is sweet and funny.

When I reached my door, he leaned into me. His mouth kissed down my neck as his hands grabbed my hips.

God, he feels good. Oh, yeah, I love it when his tongue moves over my collarbone like that. I wonder what else…..

“Well, I had a great time,” I said, shaking off the thin fog of ecstasy forming before my eyes. “I should be going now…”

He pulled away for a moment. A hurt expression on his face.

No, I don’t want to blow him off. I like this guy. That’s why I have to wait before revealing my nastiness.

Please don’t get mad. Don’t make this so hard that you may think I never want to see you again.

“I thought we could have a… drink before I go?” he said.

“Not tonight,” I said.

He straightened up and asked, “Why not? I thought you and me were getting on well.”

“We are, I really like you but…”

“But?” he stared at me with frustration as if I was rejecting him.

Fuck. I’m gonna lose him. I have to do something. He has to know the truth. Well, not all of it.

“I have this three-date rule,” I admitted sheepishly.

His eyebrows lifted and he breathed out a sigh of relief. Then, he looked at me like a little girl who had just told him she couldn’t sleep with the monster under her bed.

His hands laid on my shoulders, rubbing them gently as his face came near to mine.

“I have a feeling that I could be the exception to that three-date rule,” he said before planting a sweet peck on my button nose. “Admit it, there’s something special between the two of us. Why waste this powerful connection with a rule?”

“All good things come to those who wait,” I chimed back.

My neck snapped back from the shock of my mother’s voice ringing in the empty apartment hallway. Well, that was a lot better than me parroting her other favorite line: “Pinch your legs together like you are carrying a quarter between your knees.” Or, “Players are gonna play and ladies know not to play the game.”

I stared back at his steamy hazel eyes for a long moment. I feared him rejecting me for my naive dating ritual belief.

Another man gone. Nice job, Kendra.

Instead of telling me to fuck off, his face softened. “Okay, I can wait,” he said.

It was now my turn to sigh with relief. Disaster avoided. Date number three was on!

“I guess this is goodnight, then,” he said in a low voice.

He leaned in further. His lips half a centimeter from mine. He waited patiently for me to take the step closer.

When I touched his lips, sparks shattered across my face. They moved down to my warmed chest as his hands groped over my back and down to my ass.

His squeezing of both lower cheeks forced my crotch to slam into his pelvis. A promise of a thick and long cock poked underneath his black trousers.

OMG, it’s been forever since I’d felt something that good. He’s leaving soon. So, there is no harm in feeling a little more of it.

I rubbed my hips over his cock. A burning formed between my legs. My chocolate silver dollar shaped nipples got hard when he deepened his kiss. With his miracle tongue and that nice long rock between his legs, I felt my control slip.

My thigh rose to the side of his slender hip. He grabbed hold of it as we swung into my closed front door. His other hand laid against the door, supporting our weight as I rolled my pussy on top of his pants.

The pit of my stomach got hot. I knew I was making a horny fool of myself. I should just let him inside my apartment — and me.

But I couldn’t stop gyrating over his dick. It felt so good. And the surge of heat and tightness in my lower belly were signs that I was very close to cumming.

It had been six months since I had had dick. A year if you count only good dick. I needed this orgasm. Besides, the way his hand was now moving over my tits made me think he wasn’t hurt or embarrassed by this turn of events. He wanted me just as badly.

I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly, I heard my top buttons snap off and bounce on to the floor.

One of my large breasts had been taken out of my green lacy bra and Rafa’s mouth was suckling it. Sizzles of desire crept from my breast and added to the inferno rising in my lower stomach.

The sexual energy doubled as I felt his rolling thrusts back at me. My loud exhales of breath had turned into moans. I licked his fingers as his hand covered my open mouth.

“Shhhh,” he said. “Your neighbors might come out here.”

He sneaked a quick peek around him to make sure we were still alone in the hallway. Then he looked deep into my eyes. Whatever he saw in them made him say, “It’s okay. Git it, baby. You can cum.”

I shivered as if on command. My pussy exploding over and over on his rock hard thickness.

Afterward, I limply laid against my door, mildly aware that he was still holding me close as he moved quicker against me. Then, I felt him take a deep inhaled breath near my ear.

He held still for a long moment before slowly exhaling it out as he rested his forehead above my head that was slanted on the door.

I slipped my leg off his hip and adjusted my short skirt.

Well, that fucked up my rule. Shit, you are such a slut! Now, I’ll never see him again. Just another funny sex story he can tell his gym friends in the locker room. Fuck! Things had been going so well!

“Wow,” he breathed. “That third date looks more promising.”

He kissed my cheek and looked at my torn shirt. “Sorry, I guess I got carried away.”

“No, same here.”

If my skin were white, he could see how red I was. I looked down at my purse and searched for my keys.

He bent down and retrieved them from the floor.

“Thanks,” I said and turned to hurriedly open my door.

What a fool I am!

“Hey,” he grabbed my elbow, stopping me from running into my apartment.

I turned towards him.

“I meant what I said about waiting.”

“Really!?!” A wide smile lifted my cheeks.

“Of course, all things come, remember?” he winked. “And you’re damn worth the wait. Good night.”

I watched him walk away, excited at the assurance of feeling more of him after our third date.

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