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“Don’t make a sound,” a hiss came from behind the silencer pointed at my heart.

At that moment, the sight of the gun made me forget how to breathe. My throat closed up, stopping sound or air from escaping.

A male white dress shirt hung over my shoulders down to my upper cinnamon thighs. It’s unbuttoned fashion provided an easy opening, which exposed an easy shot to my breastplate between the round globes of my perky breasts.

I was aware of how hard my dark nipples were. Not just from the cool fabric that laid against them, but more by the panic throbbing within me.

“Is he in there?” the raspy voice asked.

He? I thought. I had forgotten there was a man still in the bedroom. This was his place. I shouldn’t be here. I had just wanted a glass of water. Now I could die from a tender hook up and a parched mouth.

The light of the open fridge lit my back, adding to the dim yellow glow, casting from the living room’s sheer white curtains. Long shadows drew from objects around the kitchen and connected the living room.

My dark brown eyes crossed to the hallway to my right, which led to my hookup’s bedroom. I silently prayed he was coming down that same hallway with a shotgun right about now.

I couldn’t call out to him. Regardless of the heavily probable threat from the armed man, I didn’t know the name of the naked German guy in the bed.

Another pitfall from using a hookup app. Names, whether real or fake, were irrelevant. Well, except when you stood pretty much naked in a strange house with another stranger aiming a weapon at you.

“Did you leave him while he was still sleeping?” he asked in a hushed whisper.

My dry mouth opened and closed. A black mask covered his face, leaving me to stare into two pale blue eyes above a white neck.

I heard a frustrated sigh before the words, “Look, I’ll make this easy for you.”

A hint of an accent peaked from those words, doubling my terror. Irrationally, I thought that it would be hard to reason with a foreigner compared to an American. White boy crazy I was used to hearing about in the news which made me feel more equipped to handle them in life-threatening situations. But foreign white guys were unchartered territory.

The man stepped closer as he glanced back from me to the hallway to me again. I subconsciously leaned back when my legs were too slow to take a step away from him.

The loose white shirt I wore opening more. He stopped centimeters in front of me. His raw heat warmed my exposed brown flesh.

My chest shivered as the cold metal from the rim of his gun slid up my bare middle, directly over my heart. He pressed it harder into my rapidly lifting chest.

Then he let out a soft, excited gasp when he used the gun to flick the cotton material to the side, exposing my round cinnamon breast. The small sound lingered in my ears, torturing me as I wondered what more he had in store.

His slow gaze worked down my heart-shaped face and lingered at my stiff dark nipple. He slowly opened his mouth and said in a rasped voice of hard stresses on the first consonant, “A simple nod or shake will do.”

My body trembled.

His eyes carried down passed my small sucked-in stomach to my Brazilian wax crotched. In the light of the open fridge door, I saw traces of a stretched smile behind his black, skin-tight ski mask.

Slowly, his pale blue eyes roamed to my tear-filled eyes.

Then, I was shaken by the concern in his stare as he abruptly pulled away from me.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” his voice lightened into an apologetic and familiar German accent.

He pulled off his mask before placing the gun on the kitchen counter beside us.

“Was this too much?” my tender hookup asked. His hand moved to comb through his disheveled blond hair.

“You scared the crap out of me!” I yelled. “Have you lost your damn mind!?!”

“I’m sorry,” he slightly shrunk away from my hits to his arm. “I thought you might like a little role play. It was stupid.”

I looked over at his strong jawline. My eyes scanned over the black material that shrunk over his defined pecks. Warmth fluttered in my tummy at the memory of touching them as my hips grinded on top of him earlier that night.
It was kinda a hot idea.

I raised my hands in the air and said, “He’s still sleeping. You’ll have to quietly take what you want.”

My German smiled up at me, excited that the game was back in play.

“I had planned for this to be a fast job. But after seeing you, I can’t simply get in and out quickly,” he said as he walked over.

His hands squeezed my hips and pulled me to him. Space between my legs craved the thickness he rubbed over my bare crotch.

His lips pushed up my mouth, sucking my lips before his tongue entered. My arms wrapped around his neck.
My nipples grew harder as one of his hands lightly cupped my brown breast. The round grapefruit nearly puffing out of his firm squeeze.

My hands slammed down on his bubble butt and squeezed. Next, I pushed his round, muscular ass cheeks, forcing him closer to me as I rotated my hips over his long rod.

His tongue moved down my throat. My hands instinctively swung behind me to grab hold of the kitchen counter for balance.

Soon his strong hands fumbled with the button of his black jeans. I got wetter from the rushed zip sound followed by the rough shifting of pants moving down his muscular white thighs.

I moaned out as he bent down and suckled a breast while yanking his jeans from each of his ankles. I lowered my head, hovering over his right ear. My wet tongue slid across the rim of it before nibbling on his earlobe.

The crinkling of a condom wrapper caused my vagina to quiver from excited anticipation.

“Turn around my little Fraulein,” he ordered softly. When I obeyed, I gave him a little tease. I could hear happy excitement in his voice as he said, “Ohhhhh, I love how you pop that ass like that. Be sure to do it just like that as you ride my dick.”

I felt his nails scrape my top thighs as he bent down. The head of his hard penis rubbed across my moist lips. He slowly edged it between my vagina opening. Then with a deep breath, he pushed his thick, long dick inside.
My pussy choked his cock. And my ass popped, matching his long strokes as he moaned between kisses to the back of my neck. His wide hands cupped my chocolate, milky mounds.

I squealed in tortured pleasure while his tongue curved my tit with a soft, wet force drawing my breast deeper into his mouth. I sped up my tempo as he inched deeper inside me.

His balls slapped the tender crevices between my asshole and pussy. Thrills of pleasure rippled through me as I fucked him balls deep, targeting my sweet spot. Then, I yelled out as my vagina walls spasm tightly around his dick. My body was ablaze with passionate satisfaction.

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