How to Make a Woman Moan (without her faking it!)- Blog #4

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Simple thing, right? Yet it’s funny how these two round tissues of the female form are one of the first things many men look at but have no clue on what to really do with them. 

Maybe ask your significant other what they prefer, of course! 

Many people find breast play to be really enjoyable. Even some data points to the possibility that some fortunate individuals can experience an orgasm simply from a nipple massage.  

What!?! How? What?  

Don’t worry I will explain that trick later but for now. Know that there are numerous nerve endings in nipples that activate the same region of the brain that the clitoris does.  During nipple play, the spinal cord functions as a messenger between the nipples, brain, and clit. 

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But let’s slow it down a bit. 

First compliment the ladies. Some women are self-conscious about their breast. Giving them a bit of praise can make women comfortable to show them off and break down the walls to let their partner spend some quality time in that area of their chest. Some women might be breast shy from the painful twist others have done to put them off being touched in the region. Others might not be comfortable telling you how hard they want you to clamp down on those bad boys. 

Either way, women need the feeling of trust and not being judged in order to let that lucky person see the lady’s freak flag fly! 

How to Proceed: 

If you’re somewhat unsure what your lover enjoys, you need to ease into nipple stimulation.

At first, you should handle your partner’s breasts gently.  A light bite may be enjoyable to one person but painful to another. And unless your lover clearly tells you they enjoy that type of rough titty action, don’t bite their boobs, slap them, or pinch them hard as you would in porn. 

If you’re somewhat unsure what your lover enjoys, you need to ease into nipple stimulation. Begin with tenderly massaging the tops, bottoms, and sides of their breasts while lightly kissing their collarbone, earlobes, and neck. That will heighten their degree of excitement and leave them wanting more. 

If they’re writhing about with pleasure or making a lot of noise, you know you are doing it right. Now, you can move onto the areola, the dark-colored circle that surrounds the nipples. This area of the breast is even more sensitive than the nipple itself. Pay close attention to the area of the breast between 10 and 2 o’clock in the upper area: the sweet spot.   With a thumb and/or forefinger, gently encircle the areola and the nipple. 

If your companion appears to be enjoying life, add some tongue. Have your tongue mimic what your thumb and/or fingers had just been doing. Gently circling the nipple.  If their nipple is peaked, lightly flick it with your tongue a couple of times before putting it into your mouth. Maintain a slow, gentle pace. On the nipple, alternate between licking and sucking. 

After some time, you can stop using your tongue and resume softly circling and massaging their nipples; they could find the changing touches enjoyable. (AKA: Rinse and repeat that mojo that you doin’ to her.) 

Warning to the Overzealous 

Before biting on or twisting on your partner’s nipple, ask “Do you want more?” or “Harder?”

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Even if you’re enjoying watching your partner squirm and moan, you shouldn’t go overboard and bite or yank their nipple without her permission. Before biting on or twisting on your partner’s nipple, ask “Do you want more?” or “Harder?”  

While some people genuinely appreciate more kink in their breast play, others don’t. Remember: Different strokes for different breasts. Therefore, you don’t want to kill the mood by stepping over the line without their consent. Or, just bring down their climbing high with a possibly, disappointing preview of the second act. 

Basically, listen to her. Let her teach you what she likes. 

Sidenote: Be a tease.  Play a bit and make her groan for more.  Kiss the entire breast for a few minutes, but not her nipples.   Seductively breathe over them, but no touching until her body is twitching.  The setup may require some self-control on your part, but it will be worthwhile when they throb as she climaxes. 

Now, I promised I’d let you on a little secret: Orgasm by nipple play.

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Many women can experience orgasm by simply having their nipples rubbed in the correct way. The peak of stimulation causes a breast orgasm because it stimulates the same part of the brain as the clitoris. Meaning you can satisfy her sexual pleasure without taking off her panties. How pimp is that? Magic-fingers-Obi-Wan-player status! 

  • First of all, (unless advised by her) do not under any circumstances pinch or twist her nipples! I mentioned this before that may be painfully uncomfortable, not to mention a total turnoff for many ladies. 
  • Caress, squeeze, and gently stroke her breasts. Then softly massage her nipples in a circular motion with your thumbs. Continue to gently squeeze her nipples without exerting too much pressure. You might then gradually begin licking and sucking her nipples. Apply a little pleasure as you run your tongue over and around her nipples while sucking them. 
  • Don’t only focus on one breast when doing this; keep going for several minutes at a time, providing both bitties with equal love and care. 
  • When you begin licking and sucking her nipples, you can increase the intensity by starting to gently squeeze her breasts. 
  • You can tell she is appreciating your work through her moans and possible grinding into you. All good signs to crank up the intensity. 

Let’s get this bosom party krumped up! 

It’s time to pick things up now that you know the fundamentals of nipple orgasming. Add in a few entertaining additions to really heat things up: 

  1. Hot breath. Stimulate the nerves by slowly and gently blowing warm air around and onto her nipple. 
  1. Oils and lotions. Warming oils and lotions might help you feel more aroused. 
  1. Ice. Nipple play made with ice can instantly erect your nipple and chill your entire body. 
  1. Vibes. A terrific hands-free approach to massage and stimulate your nipples as well as feel sensations throughout your entire breast is using nipple vibrators. 
  1. Clamps. Because they give you adaptability, clamps, whether vibrating or not, can tease and titillate your nipples. The clamps can be worn freely for a little bit of fun or snugly to exert pressure and heighten pleasure. 

Remember: Different strokes for different breasts.


I’ve heard women tell me that fellas head straight down because between a woman’s legs is where they get the maximum results.  Since males don’t have breasts, they don’t understand that breasts are a source of immense pleasure for many women.  

Plus, consequently, in this Fasttrack digital age, a good amount of men get their sex knowledge from the media and porn where breasts are tugged and pinched like farm animals giving milk. Some women could be into that but ask her before you start squeezing the pleasure out of her nipples. 

Follow these simple instructions to enjoy her boobs and with these easy steps, your lady—and her ladies—will be pleased. 

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