A new set of romance erotica series from Jasmine Lace,

Jasmine Lace’s Snapshot Holiday Romances

A collection of short story books involving sizzling relationships in fantastic holiday locations. Perfect & quick reads to have while traveling or wanting to mentally escape to a new place.

First Book in Billionaire Romance Erotica Stories:

Janelle “Nell” Brown is hired to keep an eye on a billionaire’s teenage daughter, Ellette Sterling. The teenage girl is trouble, and Ellette has no idea what she is in for when she follows the troublemaker onto a yacht, and then, is ditched in the middle of the ocean.

Now, being unable to swim, Jennifer is stuck in her worst nightmare. Without having any idea how to manage a boat, she is soon recused by the last person she ever wanted to see again: Ellette’s uncle, Billionaire playboy, Titus Sterling. Now, Janelle has to get back to land and find her charge while stuck on a boat with an attractive man she can’t stand.

Titus has always been focused on the family company and getting his older brother out of martial trouble. But from the first time he met Nell, all he wants is to get to know this incredible woman behind the gorgeous smile. When his niece pulls a stunt on the woman of his dreams, Titus takes his chance to be a hero. He’s determined to make Nell fall for him as hard as he has fallen for her. If only she didn’t despise him.

Will Titus’s charms win Nell over, or will they kill each other before they make it back to land?

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She threw back her neck and let out the loudest and most infectious laugh I had ever heard. It was like fairies merrily playing in a Shakespearean play.  

“No, just the tall of the shorties,” she said. “My mom is short, but my dad is just under 6 feet. The average height for most men.”  

She looked over at me, pointedly as she took in my 6’2 height. I shrugged. I am used to people looking up at me.  

“So, you calling me a giant? Is that why I have to duck under doorways?” I said, picking up on her subtle jab of my height being abnormal, which it clearly wasn’t, but I liked her playful ways, so I bit at the chance to keep this going.  

“Hey, your words, not mine,” she said. “But I’m sure some are comfortable with that height.”  

“Some?” I asked.  

Was she fishing for my type? Okaaay. Brown sugar. I could get with that. She isn’t the drop-dead gorgeous models I usually take around town, but she is cute, and her curvy body is banging.  

 “Yeah, I haven’t heard any complaints from those some,” I added.  

“Well, by your track record I guess you like women who are quite tall,” she continued as she walked closer. “My neck sometimes gets a cramp for looking up at Sheila from my seat.”  

Sheila? What did my ex-sister-in-law have to do with this?  

The talkative and confident woman moved in front of me and leaned against my desk. Sheila became the furthest thing from my mind.  

My groin tightened from how this girl looked good in those tight teal slacks as they wrapped around her hips and more than a handful ass.  

“Humm, is that right?” I said. My eyes swept over her slowly.  

Was this one of Vicent’s party favors? That’s not like him to go so conservative. Normally, strippers are caked in makeup, and double Ds are busting out of the white button-up business shirt they got from some thrift store.  

This woman wasn’t cheap. She wore a Nine West pants suit with a shiny teal shirt that looked like real silk. Its neckline was just below the crease between her brown mounts of flesh. Its fabric clung to the round edges of her wide breasts to help fill in the holes in my imagination.  

Licking my lips with anticipation, I thought about lifting a tit high enough to get her nipple to pop out so my mouth could…  

My eyes loomed over her breast, waiting for the show to begin. I could entertain this for a few more moments.  

Then she cleared her throat. The irritation in that sound made me glance up to meet her narrowed, insulted eyes.  

“Sheila was right,” she said. “At first, I didn’t think I could do this. You seemed nice.”  

“Wait, she was right about what?”  

I looked at her pleasing lips and wanted to taste them.  

“Then I see what a dog you really are,” she said.  

A flash of anger sparked from those words. Who is Sheila to talk about me to this stripper? What does my character have anything to do with it? This woman doesn’t know me well enough to call me out like that. I suddenly wanted to do something to shut her up.  

“I’m a dog, huh?” I said. “Okay? Then, like a dog, I can take what I want.”  

My hands went up to her face as my lips smashed down on hers. After a moment, I softened my touch to taste her sweetness. My tongue moved inside her mouth. Strawberries and cream were lavished on her stiff tongue. Soon her tongue softened, and it moved with mine. With every long kiss, she added a small one like a signature peck. It made me want another kiss from her.   

I grabbed her hips and felt the fleshy softness of thick thickness as I moved her further onto the desk.  

Standing between her legs, I felt the heat of her crotch drawing my now hard cock against her. As my tongue swirls around hers, I lift her thigh before I nudged my large bulge under her pelvis, against the moist opening between her thighs. My hands locked harder on her round ass while her hips twerk lightly over the top of my cock.  

I knew it was wrong to take advantage of this stripper, but she probably had done this a million times before. I would make sure her tip was big.  

That was once I satisfied my tip a little more. I had to stop this though before it goes too far. A deep kiss and a nice dry hump grind is one thing but I’m not gonna… I felt her twirl her pussy over my nob in tiny circles. My balls sent electric currents up my stomach. Just a little longer. I felt my grind move towards her and my dick got harder. Signs that I might not be able to hold that promise to myself.  

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