Thanks to all my readers! Your patience has been well appreciated.

Finally, I have completed the ENJOY YOUR MEAL Series with the 3rd and final book, A Table For Three?

Jennifer was getting used to being the new Mrs. Carter. She and her handsome fake husband, Tyrese, were making a good life together. The restaurant had brought them closer together than the fake marriage they had come into because of a Vegas Wedding. 

However, when the ex-lover who broke her heart returns, he stirs up some fire in their kitchen.

Now, Jennifer has to decide if the love growing with her business deal marriage is worth losing the opportunity to rekindle a lost love.

Can Jennifer make the right decision, or could she make it work with all three of them?

Read an excerpt:

The near empty bottle of red wine stood on the desk in Max’s penthouse sitting area. Across the room, Jennifer laughed up at the ceiling while she laid on the cream sofa. Her feet laid across Max’s lap. His fingers gingerly stroked the sole of her right foot.  

“Stop,” she breathed.  

“I thought you wanted a foot massage,” he grinned.  

“That is not a foot massage. You are just tickling me,” she accused him breathlessly as she wiggled around.  

“Oh, you’re just too sensitive. Hush,” he said and continued to scratch her soles with the tips of his fingers.  

“No, stop,” she breathed out between laughs.  

Suddenly, Jennifer tried to wiggle her feet out of his grasp. Like a cat, Max moved between her kicking feet. His torso laid between her thighs making him lose the firm grasp he had on her feet. Jennifer’s tipsy state made her rotate too much, causing her to slip onto the carpet floor and dragging Max down with her. His head landed on her stomach.  

A new strand of laughter erupted from the two of them. Max moved up her body to have his face leveled with hers. Then, his hands planted on both sides of Jennifer’s face. His blue eyes stared down into hers in merriment.  

“You’ve always been like a bull in a china shop,” he smiled down at her.  

“That was your fault,” she said. “I was trying to get away from your tickling.”  

“Well, I got you now,” he said. “You won’t be able to escape this time.”  

Jennifer smiled up at him. Soon his eyes turned cloudy. He stole a glance at her plump lips. She subconsciously licked hers. The heat rose in her neck and cheeks.  

Then, Max’s head descended onto her face. Jennifer instinctively raised her chin to meet his soft lips. Without the confusion of her relationship with Tyrese, she felt at ease receiving his physical affection. She craved to give in to what her body had been craving since he walked into the bar.    

His arms wrapped around her back. Her hands slowly rose up his muscular pecks and knitted together behind his neck. Her large breast was flattened against his chest and ribs as she parted her lips more.    

Max’s tongue plunged inside. It wriggled under hers, pulling it into his while she swirled around its wetness. He tasted of wine and meat. Sweet and smoky.    

Jennifer pushed her mouth further into his to taste more of him. Her breast warmed more when his hand when up to cuff her round ass, pulling her over to straddle his lap. She subconsciously raised her thigh as if she were climbing a tree. Within moments, she felt soft tissue around a hard rod between my legs and began to rub against it.    

Pleasurable tremors vibrated through Jennifer’s center. As she imagined how his thickness would stroke inside her, her orgasmic state climbed.    

Out of nowhere, he pulled away from her lips. Jennifer mourned their absence. She didn’t want to break this good feeling she had missed sharing with him. Max used both of his hands to push aside her V-neckline, freeing her cream-colored bra from the dress’s tight red bodice.   

Her legs wrapped tighter around his waist. She continued to twerk on his enlarged bulge behind his zipper. Jennifer was so close to exploding right there.    

Max traced his tongue down her throat. She leaned her head back, moaning out her pleasure. Her wetness dripped inside her G-string. He burned kisses on her chest while one hand pushed up a breast, making her nipples pop out of her cream-colored bra. He engulphed the hard brown nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking it. Jennifer’s hips moved faster in excitement.    

Then, he took his mouth away again to lick his thumb before he used it to rub around my erect nipple.    

Jennifer opened her eyes, watching the passion and desire swirl in his gaze. She could tell from the smug grin on his face and the occasional excited sparks of blue in his eyes that he knew he was satisfying her.    

Soon, he claimed her lips again. His kiss was deep. Liquid thickness gathered between her legs.   

Then the form of his big cock moved across her clit. The friction made her pop her hips back and forth, matching the smooth pace of his grinding.    

A cascade of excitement traveled through her body. Her pussy tightened as it anticipated the coming release. The massive craving began to gather and form a ball of desire at the area where the tip of his penis was hitting.    

His strong arms embraced her closer. His scent of chocolate and coffee inhaled into her lungs, bringing her closer to euphoria. She licked at his earlobes and down his neck, tasting his saltiness. Her imagination relieved the feeling of his large cock opening up her pussy as it penetrated her repeatedly. Slow and concentrated at first then ramming it in as she began to peak.   

She wanted to feel that raw penetration now. But, suddenly, a spike of pleasure ran from her vagina up to her head. She broke from his throat and let out a long, loud moan.  

As her lower lips clenched and released in spasms, she looked over at Tyrese leaning against the small salon desk. His arms casually folded in front of him. He nodded over to her and said, “Admit it you prefer me.”  

Read what happens between their relationships as Jennifer goes between two men.

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