BOOK 9, the finale, in Jasmine Lace’s latest installment of her erotic short stories is out now!

Passion. Heartbreak. Secrets. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Pride. And of course, SEX!

Welcome to the world of Office Romance where work relationships become blurred, taboo is the norm, and the workplace becomes more serious than just somewhere to earn a paycheck. Follow the intertwined lives of co-workers at an advertisement agency as they deal with the drama crashing around them.

Find out how it all comes together in THE FINALE!
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Excerpt from Office Romance Everyone Book 9
Who’s that?” Paul turned to Imogen.
Imogen’s shoulders were just as rigid as Alexis’s. She quickly looked down at her plate. Paul thought she was acting odd. Imogen loved to people watch and speculate what the person did or was about to do. But, at this moment, her slender neck was cranked so far down toward the tablecloth that she could have been mistaken for an ostrich hiding its head in the sand.
Paul took a second look at the man who turned and followed Alexis through to the lobby. In the corner of his eye, Paul saw Imogen drink down the last of her glass. Then, she signaled for the waiter to get her another.
“Do you know who that was?” he asked her again.
His eyes narrowed and focused suspiciously on her face.
“It’s your company,” she snapped. “Don’t you know him?”
“He looks familiar, but I can’t place him,” he said, watching her closely. “Have you seen him before?”
“Oh, that’s Alexis’s husband, Anthony,” Doris offered eagerly. “Seems like a lot of spouses are showing up late tonight.”
“Did you know Alexis was married?” Paul asked.
“Damn, what is with all the questions!?!” Imogen snapped again.
“I’m just curious,” Paul said. “You seem to know everyone well. I mean Tom, now this guy.”
“What are you trying to say?”
“Nothing, I…”
“Just shut up,” Imogen left the table.
“Where are you going?” Paul asked in irritation towards how she was acting.
“I have to use the restroom.”
Something didn’t sit well with Paul. Imogen was acting closed off and weird, he thought. First praising Tom in bed, then snapping at me about Alexis’s man. Something is up.
He walked out the dining room, across the lobby, and into the bar where the restrooms were located. Imogen had some questions to answer.
To avoid looking like a stalker boyfriend, Paul causally ordered a beer at the bar and watched the restroom door for her to come out.

Imogen rose from the toilet and exited the stall. She glanced at the mirror to fix a stray dread that had fallen out of her bun.
“It’s gonna be fine,” she told herself while flattening down her cocktail dress from the back. “Look, what was done, was done,” she reasoned with herself. “Paul wasn’t your man then. We were split up.”
For a few hours! What are you Ross for Friends now? Why don’t you ask Paul what it means to be on a break?
“No, this is going to be fine,” she ignored her inner voice. “I’m gonna go out there and act as if nothing happened. We’re good. He’s married. He won’t say shit. I won’t say shit. He has as much as me to lose. So why say anything?”
As she exited the restroom, her eyes made contact with Anthony. His dark brown eyes lit up in recognition. A huge grin on his face.
Immediately, Imogen’s heart stopped as she watched him put an arm over Paul’s shoulder and nod towards Imogen’s direction.
NOOOOOOOOO! She screamed in her head.
After that, everything went in slow motion. Anthony muttered something next to Paul’s ear. Paul turned his head. His face scrunched up in offended confusion.
Soon, he shrugged off Anthony’s arm and stood up.

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