And Another One! Keeping the Romance and Drama Rolling in the New Installment of this Erotica Series.

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OR bk Imogen

Passion. Heartbreak. Secrets. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Pride. And of course, SEX!

Welcome to the world of Office Romance where work relationships become blurred, taboo is the norm, and the workplace becomes more serious than just somewhere to earn a paycheck. Follow the intertwined lives of the co-workers at an advertising agency as they deal with the drama crashing around them.

Imogen- Episode XV & XVI:

Book 8: Imogen- Episode XV & XVI 

Imogen has always been the free-spirited barista of Nicbi Advertisement building. She reads people like she makes a perfect cup of coffee. And men are allured by her sexuality and sweet nature, but when she uncovers her current lover’s betrayal, can she still ignore the forward attention of another overly willing partner? 

Excerpt from Office Romance: Imogen, Episode 15:

“Hmmm, let me see,” he said.    

Imogen felt giddy as he looked over her face. His grey eyes were playful and alluring like he was thinking of a lot more than cars.    

He is a silver fox, she thought. He can’t be more than forty-five. Seasoned.   

Her chest lifted in slow intakes of breath as his proximity allowed her to smell the manly sniff of pine with a hint of car grease. A freshly showered man who worked with his hands. As Imogen smelt the soap, earth, and machine of him, she suddenly wanted his experienced hands on her.    

Yet a pang of small guilt stopped her from making a move on Tom. Paul and she hadn’t made any promises to each other, but she hadn’t been seeing anyone else since they started dating. And she knew he didn’t have time for anyone else other than his mother and her outside of work. Doesn’t that mean they were exclusive?   

“You’re down to earth, kind to strangers, and… you’re sensible,” Tom said.   

“Don’t forget attractive,” she said. Her lips pursed up into a flirty smirk.   

“Well, of course. That goes without saying,” he said. He traced her body with a look of pure desire. “But that’s not just it. Your real beauty is you: inside and out.”   

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she said in a husky voice.   

Her head swirled with fantasies of Tom grabbing her close. His mouth descending towards hers. Her hands moving down the lines of his flat stomach. Her pulling out his hard cock as he nuzzled kisses into her neck. Her thick black thigh curving up to his hip. Tom lifting her with his strong arms on to the hood of the white SUV. His fingers rubbing at her ready, swollen clit before shoving her lacy, green thong aside. Her wet pussy gripping his dick as he pushed deep into her pleasure regions.   

“How about before I get started, we could have a nice, private lunch in my office?” he asked 

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