Now, that the Office Romance novellas are coming towards its final stories, here is a recap on the past series episodes, along with excerpts from the most recent sections in this sizzling hot series.

Book 1: Alexis- Episode I & II 

Alexis Washington just found out her husband is cheating on her. A multitude of emotions is crashing in on her. Too many to process. But when a sexy friend and coworker offers himself to her. She is hesitant to run into his bed.

Can she turn away from 10 years of marriage for one night of revenge sex? Or will it be too much for Alexis to exchange her buddy relationship for a hot one nightstand? Can breaking up one flirty friendship really save broken vows?

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Book 2: Doris- Episode III & IV: 

Tall and big, Doris Mahoney has never had any luck in romance. Despite this, she was determined to unwrap her long time crush this holiday.

As Doris realizes her HEA plans aren’t living up to what she had imagined, she stumbles into the knowledge of other coworkers’ desires and secrets. Soon, this taboo information leads her down a path of unexpected temptation.

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Book 3: Cindy- Episode V & VI:

The office slut is finding her sexuality isn’t giving her the privileges she has been used to. What is a working woman to do when she can no longer rely on her looks and what lies between her legs?

Cindy Gallagher is the right one to figure it out.

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Book 4: Paul- Episode VII & VIII: 

Workaholic Paul Grove is all about company status and making money. He has no time for foolishness of woman and drama. That is until his work goal crosses paths with the lovely, easy-going Imogen.

Soon, through the time they spent together, Paul finds that mixing business with pleasure can open your eyes to seeing new things. However, will his new sight jeopardize the safe work relations he has grown accustomed to.

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Book 5: Cameron- Episode IX & X 

Cam is stuck between two women. One he can’t stand. The other wants nothing to do with him. At a loss, he escapes his unhappiness by diving into work until fate sets in. Now, he has another chance to make things right with the one who truly holds his heart.

Will he make the same mistake twice? Will his plans lock him straight into the friend box? Or will he learn from his past faults to keep the woman of his desire in the relationship of his dreams?

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Book 6: Max- Episode XI & XII 

Max Zhao never thought he would have the chance to be with his long time office crush, Doris Maloney. But after one sexy turn of events ignited at the office Christmas party, Max has been falling deeper in love.

The only thing that could make him happier would be if his long time crush could want him more than just a workplace booty call. How to do that? Get her alone in a place where no one knows them, and they can be themselves.

Being able to convince Doris to go on a couple’s weekend getaway was the simple part. Now, Max would have to spend the next few days trying to woo his addiction into making their sexual interactions into an actual relationship.

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“You are so beautiful,” Max breathed.

“Put….it,” she ordered through clench teeth.

Her desire was heightening. Max knew she was ready to be pounded. He had her. Now was his chance to push their relationship to the next level.

“I want to show you off,” he said. “Let me take you somewhere. Just you and me. I’m sick of these hidden places around work.”

“No,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

Her hand grabbed for his penis. If he wouldn’t enter her, she would force him inside. Doris was climbing that hill of ecstasy and wanted his thick dick to help her travel higher up to her orgasmic peak.

Max swung her hand away and placed it above her head.

“No? Why not?” He took the tip of his baseball bat shaft and rubbed it over her pussy’s wet slit. “We could go somewhere where no one knows us, and just be normal. Anywhere you want?”

“Ok. Right here is as good a place as any. Take me here,” she breathed.

Her eyes remained closed. She moved her hips over to put his dick inside her.

Max backed away. His tongue traveled over her neck and back to her mouth. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He’d get her to say ‘yes’ a few times before he was done with her body today.


Book 7: Tom- Episode XIII & XIV 

Tom Sheary was content occasionally fooling around with bored, rich wives. He had his garage, his freedom, and his heart protected. That was until he met Cindy Gallagher and became involved in her open relationship.

Now, this red-haired sexy spitfire has him doing things he never thought would be possible, including giving up his heart to her. Yet will the love of his life let Tom be the only one to possess her affectionate interest in and out of the bedroom?

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Tom Excerpt:

His idea of having Cindy to himself vanished at this slap to reality. He was in this room as an added accessory. Like every Thursday night, Tom was the living doll that helped Jasper get off.

“Welcome, Tom,” Jasper said.

Avoiding eye contact, Tom threw him a curt nod and tossed his shirt on the red couch that faced the bed.

“This room is amazing, isn’t it?” Jasper said. “Have you ever seen so many toys without going into a sex shop?”

“No,” Tom lied.

His eyes followed Cindy as she busied herself with lighting white candles around the room.

Tom remained silent about the time he had spent in that room. There was no need for Jasper to know how often he had come in this room to grab something for their heightened pleasure. Normally, he’d take out the chosen toy from the walls and use it in the other areas of the condo.

But tonight was definitely the first time he had been inside this room to have sex. Suddenly, the place felt like a dungeon that he wanted to be free from.

“Later, Cindy will have to show you around the place,” Jasper said. “It has amazing views of the city.”

“Uh-huh,” Tom swallowed down the memory of Cindy propped against the wall to wall window of the dining room. The red, yellow, and green lights of North Beach had illuminated her background as he repeatedly entered her from behind. The red flicker from the Bay Bridge had matched her short, loud moans.

“When we first got the place this was a boring study,” he continued to chat as if it was normal to be tied down to a bed while your cock laid to the side of your exposed upper thigh.

Jasper’s voice was gnawing at Tom. He was thinking about an excuse to leave when Cindy turned on some instrumental music. Sensual jazz crank from the surround speakers mounted on the wall. It was different from the rock ballads and occasional Marvin Gaye she would put on during round two or three of their private lovemaking.

At least we have a different sex soundtrack, he thought. It’s important to separate sex and work, I guess. I wonder if that is the same motto for sex workers.

Cindy led Tom to the sofa. She straddled him, kissing him deeply. Her head slanted to the side with her red hair hanging over her shoulder. She is so sexy, he thought. His cock grew with every rub of her crotch against it.

Suddenly, Tom forgot all about Jasper.

OR Bk 1-7

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