I know the events of the past few months have been difficult. This Covid-19 has rocked the world off its axle. I, myself have had a few upsets:

  • Before lockdown, my computer crashed and I lost tons of material.
  • My family is always around so I barely have time to write as well as remake what I have lost.
  • Homeschooling while teaching online and trying to write has been a stressful nightmare.
  • I’m running out of things to watch on Netflix.
  • And these allergies are kicking my ass. I can’t breathe. I cough all night. And I am annoyed all the time.

But I’m pushing on. And I’d like to bring some joy to my readers during this horrible period in our lives. As such, I’ve revamped my newsletters.

Now, when readers sign up to receive my newsletters, they are given access to THE SWEET SPOT. These weekly newsletters are filled with my exclusive writing. I provide new short stories, deleted/extended scenes, writing ideas, character backstories, my favorite written excerpts, and sneak peeks of upcoming releases.  Readers get y comments on decisions I’ve made on scenes in my novels as well as characters I’ve created.

All for FREE and a chance to escape into some sexy comedy.

Curious about how I write before buying my books? Can a quick read bring a smile to your face? Sign up and find out for FREE. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Join THE SWEET SPOT and add a little joy to your week. We all need a little escape from this lockdown.

Click here to add a little sexy to your life.

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