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Passion. Heartbreak. Secrets. Betrayal. Uncertainty. Pride. And of course, SEX!

Welcome to the world of Office Romance where work relationships become blurred, taboo is the norm, and the workplace becomes more serious than just somewhere to earn a paycheck. Follow the intertwined lives of the co-workers at an advertisement agency as they deal with the drama crashing around them.

Cindy- Episode V & VI:
The office slut is finding her sexuality isn’t giving her the privileges she has been used to. What is a working woman to do when she can no longer rely on her looks and what lies between her legs?

Cindy Gallagher is the right one to figure it out.

Except from Office Romance: Cindy, Episode 5:

Muffled laughter and sideways looks followed Cindy as she walked to her boss’s office. She flicked her red hair in indifference and straightened back her shoulders as she continued her strive down the hallway.

Cindy wore a fierce outfit from Gucci. And she was determined her attitude matched her fabulous couture.

I’m not worried about what those haters think of me, she lied to herself. I work for my paycheck like everyone else here. I just know how to hustle better.

Cindy had spent her life around older men who promised her the world by buying material things. She learned fast how to get jewelry, designer wear, and new car notes from those eager to get between her thighs.

She had had a date for every night. Dining out in the most impressive restaurants. Being flown to Miami and Las Vegas on a whim. Just because it was Tuesday. One time she had earned a trip to Hawaii. First- class, of course.

These married men had rich housewives whom spend their time with spa days, oblivious to the fact that their husbands’ “business meetings” had been intimate time spent with Cindy between the sheets of a king-sized bed in a five-star hotel.

That was before she had started to work for Jasper Keaton. Jasper was a smooth, silver fox. At 50, he had a body of a 38-year old runner. His dark hair was sprinkled with greyish white. And the added bonus was that he wasn’t married. a first for Cindy. This was her opportunity to catch a ring and alimony. Cindy felt her cash cow and full happiness had come in.

“Here are the new fiscals from downstairs,” she said as she strolled into Jasper’s office.

Jasper looked up from his desk. Bifocals at the edge of his pointed nose. He smiled and stood up from his desk. He casual walked past Cindy to close the door while saying, “Have you check to…” Once he had closed and locked the door, he continued to say, “…see how hard my dick is?”

He gathered her in his arms, planting pecks along her cheeks as he slowly made his way to her mouth.

“Oh yeah, do you have something for me to ride?” Cindy kissed him back. “I can’t wait to get something hard in me.”

“Oh, I got something to put in you, sweetie,” he whispered into her ear.

Cindy’s hands slid down his purple and grey tie. Her mouth worked over his as a sexual warmth gathered around her breast. She timidly ran her hands down his front, feeling his flat, hard rock abs just through the cotton of his Armani white shirt.

When her hands were bold enough to dip beneath the waistband of his grey suit, Jasper…

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