Starting Halloween until the first week of November, I am releasing a collection of three of my novels. Three page-turning romances for the price of one book!

Readers will have a chance to own stories they might not have seen from my backlog of writings. Or maybe, you only found out about thses books after their sale offers had expired.

Don’t miss another opportunity to get these exciting novels for a discounted price!

Buy it here.

strange romance- Jasmine Lace anthology

Strange Romance is a compilation of three stories from Jasmine Lace writing collection. These steamy tales bring together unlikely couples who share an unexplained attraction. Through their eye-opening journey, these characters come across unusual situations that draws out their HOT desires as well as pushes them pass their individual limits.

1st book: Thank You for Coming! 

Dining out has never been hotter! Restaurant critic Jennifer Ross has a sizzling first encounter with Tyrese Carter, the owner of an Italian restaurant that Jennifer’s review has recently destroyed. Can the next change of events lead them to find each of their own happy endings? Or will their chance meeting reveal truths that make their lusty relationship more complicated?

2nd book: Crumbling Oreo 

Cecelia Wallace is an educated Black woman who has been a pushover for most of her adult life. Until one day, she decides that this mess has to stop.

A sexy, dark comedy about cultural identity, sexual empowerment and the conflicts of race relations.

3rd book: Only the Beginning 

Chanel Carter moves to Northern Spain into a mysterious country manor. She is determined to find a rational explanation for all these peculiar incidents that occur there. Can her attraction to the handsome and mysterious Professor Rodrigo Garcia Perez distract her from finding out why things there aren’t what they appear to be?



Available in ebook and paperback format at Amazon.

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