Today marks the release of a new addition to the Mysterious Desires series. DEADLY PROCESSION  is available now at Amazon.

Read the excerpt and get this new novel by Jasmine Lace.


“Como…how do you know that?” he asked as his eyes searched mine like he was concentrating on reading a difficult passage in a book.

A photo of Santiago and a British soldier hanging in the bathroom flashed in my head. I held on to that image, not trusting the Professor didn’t hold some mind reading power as his brother seemed to have.

“I saw a picture in Marina’s room and made a guess,” I said trying to keep the nervous quiver out of my voice.

He stared unconvincingly at me for a long moment. I kept the picture in my head and focused on my breathing. Golden flakes swirled around his green pupils. I held back the instinct to gasp. Soon, the gold formed into small smoke signals dancing across his eyes.

In that moment, my cheeks felt warm as my body leaned into him. A light fog clouded my head, making me feel a desire to kiss him. I looked down at his ample lips. My mouth parted and my tongue touched my upper lip as if he was a tall glass of water that I needed to quench my thirst.

“I’ve had thought a lot about our time in the attic together, guapa,” he said in a low voice.

He stepped closer to me, allowing my hands to sweep up his hard chest. I felt my hands press against his muscular pecks, causing my nipples to harden.

“Chanel,” I corrected him.

I hated him calling me ‘guapa’ like he called all the other women in his life. I wanted to be special. To be the only one he craved as much as I craved tasting his plump lips.

“Chanel, perdone,” his seductively playful dimples sprang up around his warm smile.

“God, I love hearing you call my name,” I admitted breathily.

I couldn’t understand why I was being so forward with him. I had to have him. I needed his bare skin touching my chocolatiness. The need was so powerful that I felt like I was gonna rip off his black shirt in two seconds.

Plus, I couldn’t stop my hands from rubbing up and down his chest. I marveled in the thrilling sensation of his rock-hard pecks against my palms.

Then, I said, “Yes. Always call me Chanel. Yo, I got an idea.” I grabbed hold of his shirt collar, ready to rip when I added, “Let’s see how many times I can make you call it out.”

Did I just say that?

“Ms. Carter,” he chuckled. Then he grabbed hold of my hands to keep them still.

“Naw, Chanel,” I purred.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. And I didn’t care. He was all I wanted.

“Chanel,” His tone became serious. “I need you to go back to your room.”

“With you,” I nodded my agreement.

“Quizas…perhaps, luego. I have to settle some things first.”

My breath got heavy. It didn’t matter that he may be plotting to get rid of me, by death or scare. Lust burned through my veins. And I wanted him right there in that moment.

My face went to his when he moved his head up, smoothly planting a feather kiss on my forehead.

Instantly, that light touch made me wet. Wanting more, my hands clawed up his chest to wrap around his neck and bring his handsome face to my lips.

“Pare, pare!” He pulled me to arm’s length and looked deep into my eyes. Desire lingered in his stare.


Read more in Deadly Procession, MYSTERIOUS DESIRES, Book 3


Thinking that things have finally calmed down at La Casa de Asturias, Chanel Carter can breathe easy
and ride out her last weeks at the English language school. But the hidden world of the manor can never
be that simple.

Chanel’s uncertainty of how she had made the Professor turn from her bed gets blurred with her
concerns over her best friend’s failing health. All the while, she is experiencing haunting visions of feral
animals and a vengeful water sprite. These become only a few of the mind-bending events Chanel has
been losing sleep over.

However, she isn’t giving up yet. Grown confident by her past challenges with death and the spiritual
world, Chanel is even more determined to find a cure for her friend as well as answers to mysteries of
her temporary home.

Her searching leads her down a path of history that makes the hearsay of myths ring true. When she
witnesses the truth form of the people she has relied on as close friends, Chanel finds herself a true
believer in the impossible.

Soon her eye-opening journey to save her friend becomes one of enlightenment and danger, where the
uncovering of this secret world could prove deadly.

Get it TODAY.  Now available  at Amazon.




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