Food is a healthy aphrodisiac. Some types of food can get the heart racing and release the euphoria of love. Others heighten your libido and sexual arousal. Yet, forget about the pre-sex restaurant meal and the post-sex snacking. What about having a feast during sex?

There are lots of dishes you can eat to get you and your partner in the mood. I’ve written about a few of them in my Enjoy Your Meal series. And if their scenes are made even sexier with the smells and taste of these titillating edibles, using similar techniques will make your sex life even better.

Below is a list of tasty treats you can use to heighten your sexual experience when the clothes are already off.


1. Lollipopslollipop-lady-2467056_640

How many people haven’t been turned on by someone licking a lollipop? The sexual innuendos are present in the form of the lips around the sucker. It shows off what that mouth could do in certain places, which makes it perfect for foreplay snacking.

Depending on your preference, lollipops come in all sizes. Their taste varies from the tangy to the sweet. In other words, you have a lot to choose from.

Whatever flavor you desire, lollipops can make a delicious addition to your sexual activity. They are designed for suction which can be great practice for the upcoming event while styling your technique on other parts of the body that you will suck and lick.

And don’t worry about calories. It is said that lollipops can suppress appetite and give your body energy. Something that will be needed for your extra bedroom exercises.

Try licking the candy to arouse your lover’s anticipation for what is next to come. Rub the wet lolly on parts of the body then, mimic the sucking and licking as if that spot was the actual lollipop.


2. ChocolateGanache Truffles


Chocolate is arguable the top sex-enhancer around. Researchers have said that chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) which releases endorphins that heighten sexual desire.  Others have claimed these compounds imitate the feeling of being in love. Who wouldn’t want these feelings during such an intimate moment between your lover?

Having this natural chemical during foreplay can intensify the mood by working your body internally as it is occupied externally. Chocolate increases blood flow to sexual organs which makes it a natural sex-enhancer that will drive up the passion in bed. Simulating other senses in you or your loved one, in order to, make your sexual experience even better.

Try picking up a packet of chocolate ganache truffles from the store. These small chocolate bits can be a less messy alternative to chocolate syrup.  Feed them to your partner, or place them around the body to bite into before licking up the melted center.


berries-blueberries-food-1720733. Berries

Cherries and strawberries are the most popular of the aphrodisiac fruits. Yet other berries, such as, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, can do a similar job. Not only are the antioxidants in these guys good for your heart but the Vitamin C in them boost sperm count.

Berries also regulate the blood flow to the whole body and charges your sexual libido.

Make a berry salad and use your lover’s body as a feasting plate. It will fuel you for the next stage of your sexy session and double both your cravings for sexual satisfaction.



4. Honeyhoney-954602_640

Sticky and sweet, honey is the symbol for reproducing. Bees do it, right? Why not follow in their stead? Representing procreation is perfect for honey since it is known to increase your stamina. This prolongs your time spent in bedroom heaven. And this liquid gold also rises your libido, making the body hot and in the mood for love.

So, try turning up the heat by blindfolding your partner, dip some honey on you and have them search around your body for the tasty treat. For those feet fans, dribble some honey along the ridges of your lover’s toes and go to town like each digit is a honey pop.


5. Sparkling Wine


Want to feel like part of the 1%? Sparkling wine makes everyone act like they have diamonds between their thighs. It has also been proven to increase the sexual drive in women.

Have a cool drink that ups the libido.  Spill a little bubbly over your mate and drink from them like they are a human ice luge.


6. Watermelon


Nature’s Viagra. This large fruit relaxes blood vessels as they move more easily through the circulation of the body. Having more pumping into you offers an opportunity to release that energy into a very enjoyable pastime.

Place wedges in between places along the body and go to town like it’s a county watermelon eating contest.


7. Pumpkin Pie Cake Frostingcake-cream-delicious-669736

The cinnamony spice of pumpkin scent can make men’s arousal spike. Something about this tangy treat’s smell and taste drive men wild in an ecstasy of senses.

Start setting the mood by have this scent linger in your kitchen as you make the frosting. A great recipe for the icing can be found at for this edible body paint.

Then, lick this tasty frosting off your lover’s body and feel your toes curl in yummy anticipation for your turn.


ice-cream-3586404_12808. Popsicles

These flavored ice treats heighten the sexual experience. When using these fruity pops, you can play with different temperatures while adding in the erotic sucking and licking of a lollipop.

Drive your partner mad with the chill of this cold stick as you rub it along parts of their body. Then warm your baby back up by trailing the sugary path with the heat of your breath and tongue.



9. Brie and Raspberry Jambread-breakfast-brie-2632279

This French delicacy makes women produce a powerful scent that stimulates attraction. This sweet and creamy snack can fill your tummy as well as satisfy your attractive mate.

Lick this soft cheese dashed with rich, sweet jam off nipples, fingers and toes.


10. Jellojello-238229_640

Make your partner go “O” with jello. With or without alcohol, this flavorful gelatin can be a fun way to heat up the bedroom. There are no facts about the influence of gelatin towards one’s sex drive. But eating these shots off your partner can boost sexual arousal to help churn the inferno you’re creating between (or over) the sheets.




Whatever one of these snacks you choose, eating them can be an added bonus to your sex life. Try a few of these tasty methods to light your way to a spectacular firework show.

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For more ideas to use in the culinary bedroom, read Jasmine Lace’s Enjoy Your Meal series.


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