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SWEET APPETITE, Enjoy Your Meal Book 2

It’s here! the second installment in the Enjoy Your Meal series is available now at Amazon. Get your copy of this HOT AA Romance Erotica now!

Read the excerpt below to wet your…huh..appetite.

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“I did promise to honor. Let me start by honoring every inch.”

Jennifer Ross has finally accomplished her dream of getting married. Unfortunately, it is with the wrong groom. Now, all she wants is to be single again. Homeless and out of options, she makes a deal with her new husband: Help him get his restaurant on track and be granted a divorce.

Tyrese Carter has Jennifer right where he wants her. This food critic, who ruined his restaurant’s reputation, thinks they got married in Vegas. Tyrese is determined to let her continue to believe that lie just as long as he can get his business right.

One problem: They can’t keep their hands off each other.

Will their close working environment and extra sexual activity prove to make their deal too dangerous a bargain for their hearts?

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Excerpt from Sweet Appetite:

“Why are we wearing aprons?” Jennifer grinned up at his face.

“I thought you enjoyed disguises,” he said and leaned down to place a small kiss on her nose. A small dig at how she had forced them to dress up doing their restaurant reconnanse mission.

“Cute, and now, that we’ve undressed and dressed, what are you gonna do with me?” she asked alluringly.

“Hummmm, that‘s a good question,” his smothering gaze swept over her chestnut, oval shaped face.

He came back up and stared into her hazel eyes with something deeper than desire. A look one gives when the words “I Love You” isn’t enough.

Jennifer’s body froze, not from fear like it had when she thought Max was going to ask her for her hand in marriage, but from the thirsty anticipation of hearing something similar that her heart had been feeling.

As if on cue, the blues guitar of Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is” came on. Tyrese rested his forehead on hers and his large hands on her hips. They listened to the words of the song, breathing in each other’s scent for a moment.

Then, he lifted her on top of the counter, forcing her to lay down. He took a plastic green stool and placed it near where her feet laid.

Quietly, he brought her left ankle to mount in between his left hand. He kissed every individual toe before dragging his wet tongue down her arch and wiggling it in front of her heel.

Jennifer raised on to her elbows and watched him watching her as his right hand took hold of a clear squeeze bottle filled with a golden liquid.

“I’m gonna make you taste a bit sweeter,” he pressed the thick warm liquid over the ridges of her toes. The strong scent of honey wafted into her nostrils.

After placing the bottle back down, Tyrese’s mouth inhaled her big toe and slowly sucked back up to its tip.


Read how it heats up with food and sex in SWEET APPETITE: Enjoy Your Meal, Book 2: AA Romance Erotica.




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