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Mixed emotions arise in this excerpt from the fifth book in my HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series, Action!

The HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series is a BWWM Romance Erotica about the ups and downs of an African American publicist and an Australian actor.  The couple fight comical and dramatic obstacles as   they fall deeper in love with each other. Stories about losing the battle of fighting sexual attraction while finding love.


Mya arranged her shirt so that it hung just over her chocolate nipples. The vertical opening of the shirt allowed her brown small stomach to be partly seen above her purple lace panties. She left her jeans and bra folded on the bathroom sink and slowly strutted her way to the living room.

Chris laid on the couch with one arm resting over his eyes. A thin brown blanket rested right below his bare chest. Mya’s lustful eyes lingered on his formed tan pecks.

“Huh?” she said to get his attention.

Chris looked up at her in surprise. His eyes glowed with desire as they swept down the middle of her open shirt at the round peaks of her large breasts, down her stomach and over her thick thighs.

When he slowly lifted them back up to her face, Mya said, “I feel a bit weird sleeping in some other man’s bed that I don’t know. Would you mind if we shared the couch?”

It took Chris some time to respond.

She widened her eyes as if to ask: ‘Are you going to say something?’

Immediately, he jumped into movement. “Aye,” he said and turned on his side so to give her room to lay next to him.

Mya cradled into a spoon position with her ass in his crotch. Their heads laid in profile on the shared, cushion pillow.

He laid an arm over her stomach.

“Is this okay?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she nodded.

She lifted her hips and pushed further into his crotch.

“Well, good nite,” he said and kissed her on her neck from the back opening of her shirt collar.

“Night,” she turned on to her other side to face him before kissing him on the cheek.

“Sweet dreams,” he lifted his head and kissed her other cheek.

“Have a good rest,” she gave him a quick peck on the lips.

A pulse shot from the bottom of her stomach at the softness of his plump, rosy lips.

“Yoou, too,” he returned the peck.

“Thank you,” she kissed his lips again.

This time Mya lingered a bit longer on his lips before pulling away.

“Sleep tight,” he covered her mouth with his.

He sucked at her lower lip. She pushed her tongue into the small opening of his mouth. He twisted his tongue around hers.

Her hands flew up to his hair and clawed around the golden, short locks.

He wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her closer to him. Her breasts resting flat against his chest.

Chris’s hand roamed down her ass and held it in a thick squeeze.

Mya raised a leg on his hip to move near his long, thick cock that was stirring in his boxers.

They sucked and licked each other’s lips. Then, he deepened the kiss when Mya’s tongue flicked at the roof of his mouth.

Juices flowed between her legs as Chris’s hand worked his way down her raised thigh. His fingers began to hook into her moist panties and pull them to the side. Then, one of his fingers grazed by her pussy lips when they heard the screen to the front door open.


Read the rest in Action! HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS, Book 5 and final book.

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