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Chris and Mya have had a rollercoaster ride of sex and heartache. Now, a new player has been added to their drama. Read a piece of what happenes in this excerpt from the fouth book in my HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series, Roll Camera!

The HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series is a BWWM Romance Erotica about the ups and downs of an African American publicist and an Australian actor.  The couple fight comical and dramatic obstacles as   they fall deeper in love with each other. Stories about losing the battle of fighting sexual attraction while finding love.


They sat together in the patio. Mike had changed into a pair of black board shorts.  The white muscle tank shirt he was wearing clung to his rippling tan muscles. It showed off his bulky form like he was an Asian body builder. His possessive hand rested on her thigh most of the meal.

For their starter, the chef presented a local noodle soup called Saimin. It was served with Portuguese sausages, shredded cabbage, barbecued pork and Japanese nori. The texture and mild spice of the meat made the dish incredible. They both used their hands to raise their bowls to their lips as they sipped and ate their soup.

“So how was your day?” Mya realized her mistake when she uttered the question.

             Damn it, I’m making it personal, she cursed herself. I don’t need to know about him. No emotional connection. Be strong. Keep sex on the agenda.

As Mike spoke about the mishaps on set, Mya tried to ignore his words by dipping her finger in her red wine. She placed it in her mouth, and then slowly pulled it out. Then, she traced her wet finger casually along the edge of her bikini top, bringing Mike’s eyes to stare at her large breasts as he lost his train of thought.

            That’s better, she thought.

She wasn’t good at this no strings attached seduction without the use of Tinder, but she was starting to get the hang of it.

Next, the chef brought out a large grilled steak, cut in thinly sliced portions. It’s charred outside contrasted against the red in the middle. Surrounding the sliced steak were four large de-shelled lobster tails covered in butter. Mike took a fork and picked off a piece of the lobster before staking a slice of beef on the fork. He brought it to Mya’s mouth.

Mya chewed the mini bite. The pepper and butter mixed well with the soft flesh. She was in culinary heaven.

Mya took a sip of her red wine and said, “This is fabulous.”

“You like it, huh?” Mike smiled as he rubbed her bare leg.

“Words can’t even describe it,” she said as she took another mouthful of the surf and turf.

After they had finished their meal, they sat back looking into each other’s eyes. Mya tried not to over-analyze the look in Mike’s brown eyes. She reminded herself that it didn’t matter what he was thinking.

She also knew that now that the dinner was over, the chef would be leaving soon. She thought it was time to speed things up.

Her hand rubbed up and down his bicep. It was bigger than her own hand. Her eyes flicked wantonly up at Mike’s face.

Then, she snaked his fingers in between hers. Next, she leaned in closer to him, making sure his fingers brushed her chest plate and his hand rested below her left breast.

“I’m really…,” she licked her lips and then purred, “enjoying this meal.”

Mike kissed her deep. His tongue swirled around her mouth. She cuffed his hand on her breast as her hand ran her nails down his inner thigh towards his crotch.

She was about to rub on his dick when the chef placed a large silver pot in front of the couple. Mya broke away from the kiss and sat back in embarrassment. The chef removed the finished main course plates.

When the chef left again, Mike adjusted himself. Mya was happy to see his growing excitement. He leaned in to kiss her again but stopped at the chef’s return. He set down a tray of assorted fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, and pineapple. Then, he poured into two small stout glass a rich port and placed the bottle on the table.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll leave you to it, sir,” he said.

“Yes, mahalo, Frank,” Mike said. He stood to shake his hand. “Excellent meal, brother.”

“Yes, thank you. I enjoyed it so much,” Mya chimed in.

“My pleasure. Mahalo. Aloha.”

When they heard the front door close, Mike pulled the cover of the silver pot off. A rich milk chocolate scent greeted them.

“Oh yes, please,” Mya cheered.

After they had fed each other the delicious chocolate fondue, Mike excused himself and left the table. Mya smiled as she heard him turn the bolt on the front door. He wiggled the door a few times to make sure it was locked. Then he went back to join her on the patio.

He sat down and gave her a long, sexually charged look. She matched his gaze with a sly grin on her lips. He turned his chair away from the table.

Suddenly, he pulled her chair forcefully around so that her legs were facing him. He reached over the table and grabbed a large spoon. She watched in silence as he dipped the spoon in to the cooled chocolate. He then slid it down her lips, over her chin, along her neck, down the valley of her tits, over her stomach and dumped the last the melted chocolate into her lap.

He tossed the spoon back on the table and got on his knees. His tongue ran over her lips. Mike gave her a small peck there. Then he slowly licked and sucked on the trail he had created with the chocolate.

Mya leaned back. She grew hot. Her pussy lips pulsated with want.

His hands grabbed her breasts and pushed them together. His tongue worked between them as he squeezed. She let out a pleasurable gasp when he sucked at the top of them and rubbed around her nipples.

He kept moving down. His hands fell on her outer thighs. He roughly used them to hoister her legs high in the air.

Her crotch was spread wide apart. She moved into his mouth as he licked off any trace of the chocolate he had dumped into her lap.

Then, a panic ran over Mya when he went to remove her bikini bottoms. Suddenly, she was very nervous about having sex with him. She didn’t know why she felt like this. Isn’t this why she had come all the way out here? To get laid? To get Mike to help her forget about Chris?

So far it was working. She was enjoying Mike’s company and how much money he was flashing out for her. Only something made her stop. Her instincts were screaming at her to hold up.

Mike’s mouth had been very talented so far. It gave promised that the rest of his bedroom performance would not disappoint. A much needed powerful and pleasurable distraction from Chris. Yet, she had to slow down.

She pushed back on Mike’s shoulders, bringing him to an upright position. Still on his knees he looked up at her in confusion.

“Are you alright?” he asked in concern.

“I…,” Mya said. “I just need to slow down a bit. I think I had too much wine and port.”

Mike nodded. He grabbed her hands and stood her up from the chair. “Let’s get into the jacuzzi. It will help sweat out some of the alcohol.”

He led her to the large rock adjacent to the pool. When they sat down the warm water rolled just around the bottom of Mya’s bikini top.

“Come sit on me,” he said as he helped her on his lap.

Mya felt his thickness against the crack of her ass. His hands rubbed her shoulders. Then he kissed the back of her neck. She instinctively moved her ass over his dick. Suddenly, she froze as he adjusted his penis between her legs.


Read the rest in Roll Camera! HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS, Book 4

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