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I teased you a bit with the previous excerpts. Now I’m turning up the heat in this next excerpt from the third book in my HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series, Ready!

The HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series is a BWWM Romance Erotica about the ups and downs of an African American publicist and an Australian actor.  The couple fight comical and dramatic obstacles as   they fall deeper in love with each other. Stories about losing the battle of fighting sexual attraction while finding love.


Later on that evening, when Chris and Terrance told Mya the news, she was ecstatic and overjoyed. Mya was so high on the fact that he had done something right all on his own.

She walked over to Chris and gave him a big hug. She deeply inhaled his lavender scent as her arms wrapped around his neck. Soon, the idea of being in his arms rushed to her.

It felt good to be there again. The soft flesh in front of his wall chest of steel felt like home. The speed of his massive heartbeat vibrated through her large breast, filling Mya with peace and security, and a little something else that began to give her nervous excited energy.

Realizing that her hug was going for too long, Mya awkwardly drew her hands away from around his neck and try to step back. Her heart grew bigger when Chris held on to her waist a second longer before letting her go.

The three of them spent the rest of the night drinking champagne while Terrance drank sparkling cider. They ate strawberries and watched Crazy.Stupid.Love. as if it was a regular weekday.

Chris was happy to feel normal as he sat closely next to Mya. It was comfortable and right. He wanted to do it for as long as he could.

During the middle of their second film, Terrance had gone off to bed. Chris smiled over to Mya to comment on a funny part. He was answered back with her sleeping form.

Mya’s thick, curly hair was pulled into a bun. Her head rested on his shoulder with her big beautiful almond shaped eyelids closed. He watched her shallow breathing escape her quiet, plump lips.

An angel, he thought.

Without thinking, he placed a gentle kiss on her relaxed forehead.  It felt natural and right.

Mya’s head nuzzled on his shoulder from the light touch. After a moment, her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at him in a sleepy daze. She seemed confused, but too comfortable to move.

Chris watched as her mouth turn into a kissable pout that he had a sudden urge to feel against his lips. Blood started to rush down to his lower body.

“I’m sorry. I must have fallen asleep,” she said sleepily. Then she yawned.

“That’s okay,” his voice was low and husky.

Mya stared at him for a long moment. The sexy sound of his voice made uncertainty cloud her brown eyes as she scanned his blue ones.

Chris remained unmoved. Like a fox who had been stalking a rabbit, he was afraid to break the spell between them and frighten away his prey before he could close in on her.

His arms ached to wrap around her, keeping her close. He swallowed hard as his tongue itched to lick up and down every curve on her body. His penis pushed against his jean zipper, wishing to make a home inside her.

Mya waited for Chris to make a move during their long stare off. I must have saw something that wasn’t there, she thought. She could have sworn Chris was giving her the “fuck me” eyes. She had hoped he wanted to get down.

She knew she was supposed to be professional but her body responded to Chris without thinking. When she was around him, Mya was happy and could care less about what the consequences could be. She had already gone down that rabbit hole with him in California. There was no use in turning back now.

           But maybe Chris feels differently towards me, she thought. Maybe he wasn’t interested anymore.

When nothing happened, Mya finally stood up to go to bed. Chris’s hand shot out and grabbed hold of her. She turned in surprise. His face filled with desire.

In one quick yank, Mya was thrown on to his lap. Her hands cushioned on his hard chest to brake her fall. His wide hands spread around her lower back. Her face an inch from his.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Nothin’,” he breathed before his lips placed a soft kiss on her open mouth.

She closed her eyes and kissed him back. His tongue moved inside hers. It licked the roof of her mouth, sending waves of pleasure through her core. Their tongues twirled around to their own naughty dance.

Then, she went to straddle him. One of Chris’s hands swept over her ass and gave it a big squeeze. Then, he placed an index finger in between her crotch and rubbed her pussy lips from over her jeans. The sensual touch warmed Mya’s breasts and made her pussy contract in need.

Mya deepened her kiss while quietly moaning into his mouth. He felt her hips move against his fingers as she rode his lap. A warm dampness was forming where his fingers rubbed.

Out of impatience, she tore away from his kiss. She rushed to undo her jeans by pulling from his embrace to stand up and take them off.

“Nar,” her hands stilled from his forceful word.

             Please don’t stop now, she thought desperate to have him inside her.

She silently watched as Chris got up from the brown couch and went to stand behind her. To Mya’s relief, he kissed her from the base of her neck to the back of her ear.

Then he whispered, ” Slowly take off your jeans and panties. Then I want yoou to bend over on to the sofa.”

He gave a light nibble on her earlobe. Chris sucked on it before giving her ass a playful slap to urge her to follow his commands. He stood back and watched Mya obediently pulled down her panties and jeans in a slow gesture towards her ankles. Her plump chocolate ass stuck out in the air while she removed her garments from her ankle, one by one. Then, she placed her hands on the puffy seat cushions of the couch.

“Spread your legs,” his deep voice ordered.

As she did what she was told, Mya heard the soft landing of his knees on to the carpeted floor. A shiver of excitement ran up her spine as his tongue licked her vagina from behind. She felt his hand squeeze her hips as his lips sucked on her clit.

Her hands gripped the seat cushions. Her hips flexed backwards against his mouth in pleasure.  She bit down hard on her lips to quiet her moans. His tongue entered her wetness while he rubbed two fingers on her bead.

Her hips bucked back wildly. A small ball of desire rolled around her bottom stomach. His tongue felt great but she was greedy for Chris’s thickness to pump inside her.

“Do ….you… have a….condom?” She grasped between tongue lunges.

Reluctantly, Chris got up to his feet. She stood up to pull off her white blouse. She didn’t bother removing her white bra and bend back down to assume her previous position.

Meanwhile, Chris pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. Then tossed it down on the ground when he had found his golden ticket.

She heard him unbuckle his army green shorts. He kept on his brown button up shirt. He didn’t have time to mess with it. Next, he kicked his clothes to the side of their position.

Her body rippled with excitement when she heard the condom’s rough, tight plastic being rolled down his long shaft.

Then he placed his hands on the side of her hips. He bent down to lick up her spine with his wet tongue. It lingered in between her shoulder blades.

“Are yoou sure this is okay?” he gently asked. His husky voice curled around her ears, making her breast swell.

She knew there would be consequences in the morning. They were supposed to be business partners, working for the same goal. Sex would confuse things. Her head said she should stop but her body wasn’t listening. It blazed with desire that he could satisfy. In this moment, nothing mattered except ultimate sexual satisfaction. Her vagina throbbed “yes”. Mya answered for her with a nod of her head.

He lifted his head from her back. He placed his hands on her hips again. And moved behind her. Mya’s pussy allowed his dick to easily slide into her wetness before gripping tight around its groth as if it was a longtime friend coming in for a visit.

Once inside, Chris moved her hips back and forth with a hungry force. Currents of pleasure spiked through her body every time the tip of Chris’s dick hit her hot spot. The moans moved closer together the faster he thrusted into her.

An electric current blazed from her vagina center through her breast and sizzled in her silver dollar nipples.  Mya grabbed a freed breast in her hand and lifted it up to lick at it as her fingers massaged her hard, brown aroused nubs. She was getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

“Oh shit, oh, shit, ” a deep moan chanted out of her. Mya was having trouble keeping her responses quiet.

“Shhh,” he whispered. He didn’t want Terrance and Mabel to wake up from  her screams.

He knew from their past sexual history that her chanting meant she was close to cumming. He had to get her to be quiet. He shoved her body down so that her face was smashed against the couch’s puffy back pillows.

His thrust grew wilder and faster. He felt like he was going to tear right through her. His dick throbbed to release.

                 But not yet. Not yet, he told himself.

A long, muted groan came from the couch pillows as Mya’s pussy sporadically choked on Chris’s cock and her body shook. A cue that he was allowed to explode.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he said in a hushed low voice.

His head collapsed to the side on her upper back. His right ear listened to the rapid beat of her heart while he tried to catch his breath.

                    She feels amazing, he thought.

He turned his head to kiss up her back. His hands went under her, fondling her wide breasts that had fallen out and hung over her bra. A finger swept across her hard nipple.

He felt his dick enlarging again. He couldn’t get enough of her tight pussy. He also loved to make her moan. He felt powerful and proud of how hard he could make her vagina squeeze his cock in a vicelike grip when she came. 

                I’ll hava grab another condom from the room, he thought. I gotta get some more of this.

He was thinking about the best way to sneak into his room without Terrance waking up when they heard the creaking protest of the screen door opening. They glanced at each other in their half-naked form. They couldn’t be discovered like that in the living room. There would be too many questions.

And there was no time to cover up what had happened. Chris was butt naked except for his brown shirt. And Mya only had a bra on that barely covered her breasts.

Mya’s heart pounded in her ears. At once they knew there was only one thing they could do.

Mya and Chris quickly gathered up their clothes. They ran down the hallway as the front door began to open.

Olivia entered the house from her evening shift at the hospital. She walked into the sitting room and looked down the hall in surprise when she heard the bathroom door and her sister’s door slamming shut at the same time.

Next, Olivia turned her head to the living room. The TV had been left on and the couch looked ruffled. She stared back down the hallway and shook her head as she said, “Business partners, my ass.”


Read the rest in Ready! HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS, Book 3

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