Have a quick read of  falling in the love and summer fun. The summer has wind down and September has started. As a result of this, I wanted to share an excerpt from the first book in my HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series, Lights!

The HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series is a BWWM Romance Erotica about the ups and downs of an African American publicist and an Australian actor.  The couple fight  comical and dramatic obstacles as   they fall deeper in love with each other. Stories about losing the battle of fighting sexual attraction while finding love.


“Hey, Foley, how are you?” Mike had returned from his phone call and was leaning over Mya to shake Chris’s hand.

“Well, mate. And you?”

“Good. Have you met, Mya Bassett?”

“Yes. In fact, she was offerin’ me a shot,” he smiled down at her taken aback expression.  Before she could deny his fictitious claim, Chris asked Mike, “Would yoou like to join us?”

“No, I can’t. I have to run.” Then, he turned to Mya. He placed a gentle hand on her arm. “Sorry, I have to go. It was really nice meeting you.”

“You too. And thank you for introducing me around. That was really kind.”

“No problem. I’ll give you a call sometime,” he kissed her cheek.

“Yeah, it will give me a chance to insult you again,” she laughed.

“Looking forward to it,” Mike flashed her his dimples and was off.

Mya was left alone with heart-throb Chris again. She looked over at his confident smirk.

Mya swallowed a giddy smile as Chris slid closer over to her and asked in a deep voice, “So, how about that shot?”

“You’re dangerous company, aren’t you?” Mya flirted back.

“Me?  I’m harmless,” Chris came over closer. “There’s nothin wrong with offerin a beaut like yoou a drink.”

“A shot,” she corrected him.

“Well, a mini drink. Anyway, who needs all that soda in a cocktail.”

“Yes, it’s just extra calories, isn’t it?” Mya playfully said. It was a jab at LA’s health crazed diets that most stars and residents pledged their lives to.

“Roigh,” he smiled again. His smile was bright and wonderful as if you were the only one a part of his inner joke on the world. Mya felt special to be in his close circle. “Gorgeous and health conscious. I like that in a woman.”

Mya stilled her wobbly knees at the mention of him calling her gorgeous. It rolled off his tongue in a slightly nasally sing-song voice. Chris’s Australian accent curled around her ears which perked up in pleasure.

In the back of her mind, she couldn’t help think this was another one of his smooth moves to get a groupie into bed. Mya’s instincts told her to distance herself from him before she ended up on Access Hollywood walking after him from some hallway closet with disheveled hair and makeup.

That would be great, she thought. Classed as another one of Chris Foley’s sluts.

“Well, what I hear, you bump into a lot of women that fit that description.”  she slyly hinted to his playboy reputation.

“Oh, I wouldn’ worry about hearsay,” he spoke softly. His eyes were bright with merriment and sexual drive. Then, he lowered his voice. “Tonight, you’re the only one I’m interested in.”

Mya’s heart raced.  Her face and the back of her neck got hot. She tried to hold her ground. Mya couldn’t allow herself to fall for his charm and devilish good looks.

She turned a playful smile towards him and said, “From most men, I would find that sweet, but most don’t have every flavor of the week following.”

“Ooooh, yoou would prefer one like Mike Chang,” he blew out a ridiculous huff.

“What’s wrong with him? He’s sweet and you don’t hear about his orgies,” she cut into him in a protective need to defend her new friend.

“I don’ know,” his 6’ 2” body leaned down to her face that was a good 6 inches down from his.

Chris’s breath brushed her ear as he whispered, “Yet, if I was him, there would be nothin’ so important that I would leave here without yoou.”

The way he had caress the word “yoou” made Maya’s panties soak. Her heart bounced off her chest plate. Blood rushed around her body, sending her head spinning. She was two seconds from leading him to her town car when…..


Read the rest in Lights! HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS, Book 1 

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And continue to read more about the sexy romance between Mya and Chris in the completed series of the HOLLYWOOD DEMANDS series.

Learn more at jasminelace.org/books

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