This past week one of my short stories was published on through Medium. I’m so juiced that a publicaton found interest in my writing. And for an extra bonus, many people have been reading it!

This summer I had been in a writer’s rut of second guessing my writing, and as a result, not be able to sit down and write anything new. Especiall, nothing new that I felt connected to. But now, I have a new surge of inspiration and confidence that makes me itchy to continue improving my craft and creating more stories for my readers to enjoy.

A big shot out to Rose at for boosting up my pride. I needed that to get my mojo back to doing what I have always loved: creating fun, sexy worlds that are rarely talked about.

Read the story at If you like it, give me a clap.

***Also you can read an extension of the story at my Free Reads page.***

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