One year ago today, I published my first novel, PURA VIDA. Three novels and six novellas later, I am still writing!
This is a very exciting moment for me. Since I was little, I have been imagining little dramas. And now I’ve finally gained the confidence to develop them into books.
In commemoration of my 1st year of being a published Indie Author, I wanted to share with you my favorite passage from my novel, PURA VIDA:


          When they got to the hostel, they found only one room was vacant. Simone stayed still in the doorway of the room. 

           The suite was clean. A simple brown dresser stood underneath a window with light cloth white drapes. There was a small, clean bathroom with glass doors surrounding a shower.  Also, the king-sized bed had clean, white fitted sheets.

           “There is only one bed!?!” Simone said while Parker moved past her to put his rucksack down on the floor. 

            “Yep.” He opened his rucksack and took out a small dark blue bag which he placed on the bed.

           “One bed for the two of us?” She entered the room. Simone’s eyes scanned for another part of the room that may have a hidden bed somewhere.

            “That’s what it looks like.” He lifted his black t-shirt to reveal a hard stomach with a line indented in the middle. 

           Simone watched the shirt lift above his formed pecks. He flexed his back muscle as he freed a wide, toned bicep from the shirt sleeve. 

            Simone’s eyes dropped to the muscular line on his stomach. Her face flushed at the memory of kissing down that same line. It led from below his pecks down toward his waist. 

           Parker unzipped his shorts. The lack of underwear allowed her to see his V-cut pelvis. Her eyes flickered up to the ceiling when she saw the light brown curls of his groin.

           “Wait, what are you doing!?!” she asked the ceiling.

            “Taking a shower,” he answered as if it was obvious. 

            Butt naked, he grabbed his dark blue bag from the bed and headed past her towards the bathroom. 

            After a second thought, Parker stopped next to her and mockingly looked up at the imaginary spot in the ceiling she had been staring at ever since he had dropped his pants. Then he turned his head to watch her embarrassed expression. 

            He was so close that she could feel the heat radiating from his breath. Simone breathed in the lingering smell of his citrus minty scent. The crisp clean aroma curled her toes. It drove her as wild as it did the night they had hooked up. 

         “Care to join me, princess?” he asked. 

           The sexy tone in his voice churned Simone’s senses into molten lava. His hazel stare was filled with amusement as it locked on to her dazed brown, almond shaped eyes.

          Simone didn’t trust herself to speak. She simply gave a hesitant shake of her head. Parker shrugged and strutted off. 

           In a moment of weakness, Simone turned and watched his white curved ass. She admired the plump rear as he walked through the bathroom door. 

           And Simone continued staring until Parker closed the door behind him.


             Wrapped in a white towel and wearing her brand-new tan panties, Simone walked over to the bed where Parker laid only in his navy blue boxer briefs that accentuated his powerful thighs. A book was held in his hands. 

            She threw him an astonished glance as she braided her mini twist into two long braids. 

          He reads? she thought. 

         Then she gave him an approving nod while she completed getting her hair ready for bed. She continued to watch Parker while she tied a black silk scarf around her scalp.

           “What!?!” he finally asked.

            “I’m impressed. That’s all,” she said. 

            She pulled back the sheet on her side of the bed.

            “Brains and beauty here, princess,” he winked. Then he noticed her putting a pillow in the middle of the bed. “Huh, what are you doing?”

            “Putting up a barrier,” she informed him. Then moved towards his rucksack.

            “A barrier?” 

           His stare of disbelief followed her to the edge of the bed.

           “Yeah, so there isn’t any confusion,” she explained. 

            “Confusion?” Parker repeated. “Well, the way it works is that this is a bed and the pillow…,” He moved the pillow back to its resting spot at the top of the bed. “ put your head here. And your feet go down there at the foot of the bed. Hence, the name: foot of the bed.”

             She rolled her eyes at his sarcasm and said,” You know what I meant. We are sleeping in a bed together but not SLEEPING TOGETHER.”

            “Oh, okay,” he put down his book. Then laid flat on his back. Parker’s hips bounced up and down as he said, “Let’s just fuck then.”

            “No, the pillow is to stop from any temptation.” She clarified. Then placed the pillow back. “So in the middle of the night if you have an urge to grind against something.” She patted the pillow to underline her point. “You have something other than me to grind on.”

              “I’m not a rabid dog. I think I can control myself,” he gave her a bored look and opened his book to continue reading. 

              Simone leaned in to read the book cover. It had a 1970’s blaxploitation cover. An old black man in an afro and a cigarette hanging from his mouth laid on the cover. A black woman in a pink nighty hugged herself as she leaned into the picture of the face. The title read: “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim.

                “You have to be kidding me!” Simone shouted. “What crap are you reading!?!”

               “What!?!” Parker looked up from his novel. “I have you know this book is full of wisdom.”

               “Yeah, getting good tips on how to slap a bitch up, are ya?” Her hands sat on her hips.

                 “No, it’s about the life not to live and the different psychology of women. It’s pretty interesting if you read it.”

               “No thanks,” she said. “I think I’ve learned enough about players and pimps from watching you in action.”

              “Oh, I’m sorry did you not enjoy Saturday night because it sure sounded like you did.” Parker sat up and said in a squeaky voice, “Ahh, yes, right there, yesssss!”

                Pissed and embarrassed by the true statement, Simone bit her lip. Then ended the conversation by saying, “Fuck you.”

             She switched off the light and got into bed. Parker tossed his book on the floor and turned…

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