Excerpt from The Black Widow’s Temptation:

“We should call you Black Widow coz you go through more dead lovers than small pox,” a familiar, deep gut laugh rang in my ears.

The owner of that laugh had jokingly named me. A pirate who had taught me to command hundreds of men and how to survive lucratively as a pirate.

“You were born to command men’s hearts,” he had said to me many years ago. The gentle spray of the sea mist had swirled around his light brown hair as he manned the steering wheel of the ship. Then his tall frame had leaned into my side, slim and muscular. And he had whispered, “Let me show ye how to command their minds.”

“So, that I can control ye one day?” I had joked as I pushed him back with a nudge of my shoulder.

His playful, hazel eyes had shined down at me as he had laughed, “I’d be a fool to fall into ye web, mi little Black Widow. I’d be dead before ye legs wrapped around me.”

I had grinded my teeth in annoyance. How could he not want me? I had thought. What about all the flirting we do? All the times I’ve rejected his advances in prudence for him to court me? Or had he not been trying to court me? 

It couldn’t be because of my brown skin. I’ve seen him take to his bedchambers many girls of all different shades and sizes. Or was it that he didn’t think me pretty enough?

All joking aside, it had hurt that he wasn’t interested in me. It had made me doubt myself. And I had hated feeling like that.

Then he had smiled down at me and added in a deep husky voice, “But lost in your arms, what a way to die.”

His sexy, sly smile had warmed my insides and I had unsuccessfully fought back a smile.


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1656. Captain Scarlett, or her more popular alias, the Black Widow, has stumbled across a handsome strangeronan enemy ship. On top of his odd ways and vague explanations of his past whereabouts, the stranger looks similar to Scarlett’s lost love. Plagued by questions and the coincidence that a new man has shown up right when her plans keep getting sabotaged, Scarlett decides to take him aboard her ship to get more answers.  Can Scarlett seduce the truth out of him without confusing her past love with this doppelganger? Or will this potential spy get the better of her?

Trekker, Sebastian Graham never thought that a visit to his big sister’s museum would catapult him into the 17th century at the sharp end of the Black Widow’s blade. Raids, sword fights, powdered wigs, no internet service, and a probable death by small pox makes Sebastian worry that he won´t survive the violent life of piracy. He is desperate to return back to his own time. But he has no idea how to do it. Can he find a way to get back to the modern day without falling for this red haired, caramel skinned beauty, or worse, getting himself killed?


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