I’m so excited about my new novel coming out April 16. For years, I’ve wanted to write about a character similar to Jacquotte Delahaye.  Through her inspirational legend, I have written a story about Captain Scarlett. A woman pirate with a French father and a Haitian mother. She is a bad ass redhead of the Caribbean sea. Black. Independent. A hustler and commander of her own ship. A fierce woman crushing hearts and bodies.

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The Black Widow’s Temptation Blurb:

1656. Captain Scarlett, or her more popular alias, the Black Widow, has stumbled across a handsome strangeronan enemy ship. On top of his odd ways and vague explanations of his past whereabouts, the stranger looks similar to Scarlett’s lost love. Plagued by questions and the coincidence that a new man has shown up right when her plans keep getting sabotaged, Scarlett decides to take him aboard her ship to get more answers.  Can Scarlett seduce the truth out of him without confusing her past love with this doppelganger? Or will this potential spy get the better of her?

Trekker, Sebastian Graham never thought that a visit to his big sister’s museum would catapult him into the 17th century at the sharp end of the Black Widow’s blade. Raids, sword fights, powdered wigs, no internet service, and a probable death by small pox makes Sebastian worry that he won´t survive the violent life of piracy. He is desperate to return back to his own time. But he has no idea how to do it. Can he find a way to get back to the modern day without falling for this red haired, caramel skinned beauty, or worse, getting himself killed?

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