It’s February. Time for Black History Month. And I am reminded of how when I was growing up, I had had people ask, “Why do African Americans need a month to celebrate their history? Why isn’t there a White History Month?”

I’m the annoying type that likes to answer a question with another question. So, I ask back, “When you were coming up in school, what Black people did you learn about in your history class, apart from Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks?”

Their answer to this is usually a long pause followed by a change in subject.

Don’t get me wrong. MLK, Malcolm and Ms. Parks were exceptional people who had a huge importance in my cultural history. But a large amount of Americans are not being educated about other contributions African-Americans have given to this country as well as what they had done inspite of the doors that had been closed off to us.

Most U.S. citizens only know we had sung, danced and had been dehumanized as we picked cotton. Oh, and some people had said it was wrong for the laws and white citizens to treat Black folks badly and unjustly so a few people had spoken out about it.

No, that’s not it! There is so much more.

So, why do we need a month for Black history!?! Because too many people don’t acknowledge our equal importance in this country. We should have the whole year mixed with other cultures who are a part of this nation’s true, multicultural experience.

Basically, people’s questions shouldn’t be: “Why do African Americans need a month to celebrate their history?” People should be asking: “Why aren’t we learning more about the varies cultural involvements that are in U.S. History?”

Therefore, I’m posting every day in February a small pic and description of an unsung hero in Black history. I may even make it an occassional blog throughout the year that includes other cultures.

We’ll see. However, for now, soak up some knowledge with my one of my first posts:





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