As I was swiping through a selection of Netflix’s new releases, my finger stopped when I saw a shadowed figure of  big hair with natural curls sticking out. My excitement intensified when I read the title: “Nappily Ever After”.

The novel with the same name was written by Trisha Thomas. It is the first book in this series that has been adapted into inspiring film.

In this story, Violet Jones (played by Sanaa Lathan) has spent her life a slave to her hair.  Everything she does has to be in favor of protecting her hairstyle. Fear of rainy weather, waking up at the creak of dawn and hesitation to swim has all been a product of her stress in upkeeping her hair care.

The incident of the story starts when her man refuses to ask for her hand in marriage because she is too perfect. Violet breaks down. After some dramatic changes to her hair, she makes a bold move by freeing herself and shaving all it off!

From there, Violet takes us on a journey through hair and soul where the audience sees that hair doesn’t define you. You make it work to enhance the beauty you are working with.

Being a Black woman who has had years of hair trauma before throwing out my hair press, I definitely could relate to this. This is not a film that is saying weaves or relaxed hair is evil and oppressive. It’s one woman’s battle with black hair which happens to be similar to a lot of other Black women. Violet’s decision to put her confidence behind the unpopular traditional form of beauty is brave. And girl worked it! Sanaa Lathan looked good!

There isn’t anything bad I can say about this film.  Sanaa does a pivotal performance in her frustration and heartbreak towards the reactions to people and her hair. She plays a great nonsense character that schools the people in her life as well as the audience on loving your life and the people in it.

Whether, you have natural hair, braids, weaves, or just are curious about Black hair, I strongly recommend you watch this feel-good movie, “NAPPILY EVER AFTER” on Netflix.

How did you feel about the video? Leave comments below.

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