Summer is over and fall has arrived. I hope you had a great summer. I did. My three months were filled with sun, beach, shopping, travelling, writing and my kids getting on my last nerve. Three months is too long for little ones who don’t have a backyard to go crazy in.

But that is another story. Fall is here and with it comes the start of colder weather, which is a perfect time to get cuddly and close with the one that you love. And good music can set that mood.

I love music. I listen to it while I clean, cook, and sometimes when I’m working. It takes you to a different level. Calls on your pain, your beliefs and your pleasure. Music sets the mood while keeping the moment going in as it heightens your love level while your other sensations are being tantalized in an intimate moment.

Here are the songs that any sex groove mix should have: (Put them an any particular order you desire. For me, a sexy groove mix should start with a good warmer; continue with beats to get you to continue to pump it out; and end on a sweet cool down. However, you can play an any order to get to add to your hot spot workout. 😉-)


(Click on titles to purchase songs.)

Tonight—John Legend featuring Ludacris 

Sumthin’ Sumthin’–Maxwell 

T-shirt & Panties—Adina Howard featuring Jamie Foxx 

Til the Cop Come Knockin’–Maxwell

Let’s Get It On—Marvin Gaye                   Click here to play all

Touch My Body—Mariah Carey 


In Love with You—Erykah Badu featuring Stephen Marley 

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long—Otis Redding 

Keep checking back for future volumes. Have I missed any? If you’re favorite didn’t make this list, tell me what I should add to the next volume of ‘Get It On’ songs.

What songs get you in the mood? Write it in the Leave a Reply section below.

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