I am a big fan of Shakespeare, folklore and mythology. So, when I come across film, tv series or novels that dabble in these topics, I’m immediately down to experience the writer’s craft of reinvention. I have to respect the art and boldness to take loved stories and make them the writer’s  own.

This is the main reason why I read Stacey Rourke´s Raven (The Legends Saga Book 2). The novel is about Ireland Crane’s search to find out more about her tattoo and her ability to turn into the bringer of death, the Headless Horseman. As she is accompanied by her boyfriend, Noah Van Tassel, and her friend, Rip Van Wrinkle, Ireland comes across a handsome stranger who is also cursed. They are strongly drawn together in their quest to hunt down the demonic form of Edgar Allen Poe´s Lenore.

I loved Poe’s narratives. The readers see the problematic, cursed young life of Poe and the demons he is dealing with as well as find out the story behind him and his beloved Lenore. The story hits on the reasons for Poe´s peculiarity while giving the audience snips of incidents that were influenced in his later writings. As an English teacher and a student of Literature, I was excited and enthralled by that part of the book.

The problem I had with it was sometimes I found myself zoning out while I read and would have to read again so not to be confused by the next plot point. Plus, Ireland’s story was heavy with pursuit and conflict of her demon coming out and killing everyone. It got stale sometimes. It may be better as a TV series than novel.

Rourke has won many awards for Young Adult Fantasy. Plus, her proses are lyrically horrifying in their description of gore and terror. And she adds good one-liners in her comic relief.  Therefore, we know she is a fantastic writer.

Maybe it’s more about me and the genre. I prefer to read dramas, romances and thrillers. I rarely read fantasy. I rather watch it. With that in mind, at the end of the novel, I felt the story was okay. It could have been told in 100 pages rather than over 300 pages, though.

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