Do you have a stack of books collecting dust on your bookshelf? Is your Kindle or Ipad storage full of books that you have been meaning to read? Has your living room turned into the library of ‘Where Books are Forgotten’?


These stories stare back at you every day, screaming to be read. However, you are not to blame here. You have the desire to read them just not the time. Whether it be work, kids, family commitments, binge watching Netflix, or simply haven’t had time to get into the book, there is always time to read.

Here are some tips to help you finished that novel before you hit retirement age:

#1: Read When You Can 

Most smartphones have an app on them that allows you to read on almost any chosen device. Most of us are on our phone in the elevator, waiting in line, watching our child during basketball practice, etc. Well, instead of searching Facebook, whatsapping or researching the sport scores, read a page or two of your book.

I sometimes do it when I’m uploading files on my computer. That minute or two of wasted time can be channeled into helping you complete that novel that you have always wanted to read.

#2: Bedtime 

Right before you close your eyes and say goodnight to your 15 hours of constantly on-the-go day, lie in bed with your book or electronic reading tool and read at least a page. Reading a page every night might make you complete the book of choice under a year. But despite this long timetable, you will have completed a book. One down and a hundred odd to go. Progress is progress, no matter the pace.

And you never know. You might get into the book and that 1 page a day might transform into 5 pages a night or a chapter. Just be careful not to get tuck in that reading sweet spot. No matter how good the book is getting, keep in mind that you need your sleep to get through the next day. So, before it gets too late at night put the book down and wait til bedtime the next day.

#3: Audiobooks are the Holy Grail of Time Efficiency 

I commute to work Monday through Friday. In those 5 days, I have 40 minutes of daily listening freedom. Most listen to the news or their favorite songs. I choose to escape into autopilot while listening to someone read the current book I am reading. Of course, take cautious when you do this. Have the off button or pause button handy when you have to really concentrate on the road.

If that isn’t possible or it is too above your comfort level, there is always alternatives to listening to audiobooks. You can listen while at the gym or doing exercise. You can do it while cleaning or straightening up the house. I do it to cooking. Point being whatever time in the day that is available to just listen during mild distractions.

Audiobooks can be more expensive than the book itself. If money is stopping you from getting that audio, try some helpful programs like Kindle Converter. It converts kindle books into pdf files. The first 5 or 7 are free but you can pay for an unlimited amount for a small fee. After you have converted your book into a pdf file, use a free read aloud app to read out your novels to you. @Voice Aloud Reader is my personal favorite but there are many to choose from.

girl-1721436_640Bottomline: There is nothing to stop you from completing that book. Don’t worry about the time it will take. And don´t think you don´t have the time. Everyone has 5-10 minutes in their life that they can use to read. Pick your moments and soon you’ll be finding more than 10 minutes within your day to squeeze in a good book.

Brush off those cobwebs and dust mites. And get into a good book.

What book are you reading now? How long has it taken you to read it? What are some ways you try to complete a novel? Let me know in the comments below.


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