One big aspect of improving your writing craft is by reading other authors´ works. Preferably, the genres you write about, or at least are interested in.

Seeing your craft through the eyes of others helps develop your own skills. Maybe, you have trouble with characterization or dialogue. Reading the examples from fellow successful authors can guide you to turn your words into a perfect rhythm of writing.

Take a further step and review what you’ve read by them. Authors appreciate all types of feedback, good and bad. Comments about their work help authors think of ways to improve their own style.


Based on your review, readers may try reading that particular book. Leading them to another novelist could prompt readers towards you. If readers share your opinion of that book, they will think your books will be just as entertaining as the other writer´s. The company you keep scenario, right? Also, you never know. An appreciative fellow writer may write a review for you. Let the back rubbing begin!


Help your fellow community by reading different authors’ stories, sharing your thoughts, and recommending writers to others


Now on to my review:

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M. Malone and Nana Malone have done it again in Deep (The Deep Duet Book 1). Rafael DeMarco is trying to get his life on a normal course as he is reintroduced into his little sister’s life and family. He tries hard to shake the demons of his past but a missing jewel keeps him under the radar of his old government employment. The target on his back grows bigger when he comes in contact with Diana Vandergraff. Diana is a woman focus in avenging her father, who happened to have been murdered by Rafe. Pretending to be a damsel in distress, Diana gets Rafe to play right into her hands. However, with all Diana’s scheming, she is starting to fall deep into the role Rafe believes her to be. And Rafe is beginning to not understand life without her in it. Leaving the reader to see that maybe both have gone in too deep.

The thing I enjoyed most was the inner monologues the characters had with their conscious and sometimes their libido. These lines had me cracking up, such as:

“So not the right time to realize she was cute and smelled amazing. Focus, man.”


“How evil can he be? He stopped to help a total stranger . She shut that shit right down . That was her traitor of a vagina talking.”

I loved how real it made the characters. They are similar to thoughts I’ve had or shared with my girls. I was pleasantly surprised by how this bonded me to the main characters while was a big catalyst to motivate my reading.

I also really enjoyed the steamy love scene. They were hot like fire! Ohhh child! They were something else. I still waving the fans of those flames.

There isn’t much I can say that was bad about this novel. If I had to point out a flaw, it would be Rafe’s constant presence in the apartment. Yeah, at times he did leave but for short periods at a time. Didn’t he have a security job to do? Also, for a dangerous man, I felt there should have been more scenes of tension to show how dangerous he could be. A little more showing, then telling in this part of his character.

Either way, I would recommend this book to romance readers who love a dangerous man with talented hands and holds a soft spot for saving women from trouble (whether it be real or imaginary).

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